Unit 3 task 2 table irene


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Unit 3 task 2 table irene

  1. 1. Task 2 Unit 3 Table You must provide one example of a job for each job area for the sector of the Creative Media industry you have chosen. Job areas form one sector 1 example of a job Description of the job role The types of tasks and responsibilities this person might have and the types of tasks they might completed in their day to day role The working practices that might affect the job you have chosen The type of contact and conditions of pay that this job might have Technical Lead programmer Leading the programming team responsible for creating all the computer code which runs and controls a game. Producing the technical specification of the game and managing the overall code development process The Lead Programmer leads the programming team responsible for creating all the computer code which runs and controls a game. Programmers have various roles and specialisms including AI (artificial intelligence), game engine development, user interface, tools development and physics. It is also their job to make sure that the team delivers on time and within budget. Lead programmers will be all under the misuse of computer act if it was office work or computers work. Average salary for a programmer would be £50,000. Editorial Animator Being responsible for the portrayal of movement and behaviour within a game, making best use of the game engine’s technology, within the platform’s limitations Animators must portray movement and behaviour in an efficient and effective way which makes best use of the game engine’s technology, within the platform’s limitations. It is often necessary to restrict the number of key frames used or the number of characters that can appear on the screen at a time. Animators work closely with Programmers and Artists to create the best balance between smooth seamless movement and optimised performance on the target platform. Animators will be all under the misuse of computer act if it was office work or computers work. Salaries may range from around £19,440 to upwards of £26,120 a year. Freelance animators may not always be in full-time employment so their income may vary. Administrative Secretary A secretary or administrator The role varies greatly depending on the Under of the Average salary a
  2. 2. provides both clerical and administrative support to professionals, either as part of a team or individually. The role plays a vital part in the administration and smooth- running of businesses throughout industry. sector, the size of the employer and levels of responsibility. Most work involves both written and oral communication, word processing and typing, and requires relevant skills such as IT, organisational and presentation skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure. freedom of information act. secretary will earn is about £24,000. Managerial Product/Brand manager Helping create and implement marketing campaigns to maximise the sales of games In terms of marketing, the job is highly team-oriented as many different departments, such as publicity, sales and outside contractors are involved in creating a complete campaign. Tasks typically range from the design, creation and distribution of packaging and marketing materials such as cover images, posters, websites and point-of- sale assets, to liaising with media buyers concerning the placement of adverts. They would most likely to be under the copyright act and they can’t copy someone else’s adverts or product. Salaries range from £19,500 to £29,500 for a junior or assistant brand manager, up to £50,000 or more for a senior brand manager. Finance Production accountant Are there to manage finances and maintaining financial records. They work with production offices with the preparing schedules and budgets. They do day to day office work. Their responsibilities are calculating finances, cost production, liaising with financiers and controlling the cash flow to ensure that payments are paid on time and in accordance with agreements and approved budgets. They also confirm that all legal requirements and that the company is a legal trading entity. They organize the VAT and PAYE registration. They have to go through the Government regulation of knowledge of Union, guild, tax and other Government relevant regulation. The ranges salary of a production accountant is £18,781,52- £66,990.86. Creative Games designer Devising what a game consists of and how it plays, defining all the core elements. Communicating this to the rest During development, the Game Designer makes adjustments to the original specification for the game to respond to technical constraints which have been Games designer will be all under the misuse of Salaries may range from around £19,000 to £55,000 a
  3. 3. of the development team who create the art assets and computer code identified and to incorporate new programming and art creation methods developed by the team. They also train QA Testers to play the game, making sure that they understand what is expected of the finished product. computer act if it was office work or computers work. year. Games designers work around 35 hours a week, but they may need to work longer hours as deadlines approach. Sales and Marketing Quality assurance technicians or testers. Testing, tuning and debugging a game and suggesting refinements that ensure its quality and playability and assuring quality in a game and finding all its flaws before it goes public They are responsible for assuring quality in the final product and for finding all the flaws in a game before it goes public. They look for programme bugs - spelling mistakes, localisation problems (variations of the game are required for different territories), graphical or audio glitches, and also any copyright issues. Under the copyright act and the misuse of computer act. Average salary of a game tester is a trainee technicians earn £12,000- 15,000 per year. Experienced technicians earn up to £22,000, while senior technicians earn up to £25,000.