Unit 3 task 2 table 1 amad


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Unit 3 task 2 table 1 amad

  1. 1. Task 2 Unit 3 Table You mustprovide one exampleof ajob foreach jobarea forthe sectorof the Creative Mediaindustryyouhave chosen. Jobareas formone sector 1 example of ajob Descriptionof the jobrole The typesof tasksand responsibilities thisperson mighthave and the typesof taskstheymight completedintheirdaytoday role The working practicesthat mightaffect the job you have chosen The type of contact and conditionsof pay that thisjob mighthave Technical Lead programmer The Lead Programmerleads the programmingteam responsible forcreatingall the computercode which runs andcontrolsa game. Programmershave various rolesandspecialisms includingAI(artificial intelligence),game engine development,userinterface, toolsdevelopmentand physics. The Lead Programmerleadsthe programmingteam responsible forcreatingall the computercode whichrunsand controlsa game.Programmers have variousrolesandspecialismsincludingAI (artificial intelligence),game enginedevelopment, userinterface,toolsdevelopmentandphysics. Under the misuse of computeract if it wasoffice workor computer work. It’seitherpart time or full time. The average salaryis £50,000 Editorial Animator Animatorsinthe games industryare responsible for the portrayal of movement and behavior. Most oftenthisisappliedto give life togame characters and creatures,butsometimes animationsare alsoapplied to otherelementssuchas objects,scenery,vegetation and environmental effects. Animatorsmustportraymovementandbehaviorin an efficientandeffective waywhichmakesbest use of the game engine’stechnology,withinthe platform’slimitations.Itisoftennecessaryto restrictthe numberof key framesusedor the numberof characters that can appearon the screenat a time.Animatorsworkcloselywith ProgrammersandArtiststo create the bestbalance betweensmoothseamlessmovementand optimizedperformance onthe targetplatform. Under the misuse actof computers, thisisif itwas inan office or computer works. The salary goes from£19,440 to £26,120 a year. Howeversome may nothave full time employment.So thiswill make theirincome differ.
  2. 2. Administrative Secretary As a secretary,youwould provide administrative supportinall kindsof companiesandorganizations. If you're an organizedperson withgoodoffice administrationskills,thisjob mightbe ideal foryou.  typinglettersand otherdocuments  updatingrecords usingcomputer database and spreadsheet software  answeringthe telephoneand dealingwith enquiries  making appointments and keeping diaries  takingminutesat meetings, possiblyusing shorthand  dealingwith incomingand outgoingpost  draftingletters and other documents  photocopying and printing  Filing. Under the freedomof information acts. Secretariesearn around£24,000 to £25,000 a year,it ismostly part time butit can be full time. Managerial Productmanager The Product Manager's role is to helpcreate andimplement marketingcampaignsto Theywill have tomanage the marketingbudgetin a responsiblemanneranddemonstrate aneffective returnon investment.The taskscarriedoutby a They’re most likelytobe underthe act An assistant brand manager can earn upto
  3. 3. maximize the salesof the gamestheyare workingon. Workinginthe marketing team,theysupportthe senior marketingmanagerswho organize international or global campaigns. ProductManager are variedandchange as a game'srelease approaches..The ProductManager may sometimes workwithaBrandManager, whois responsible fordevelopinglong-termplansfor individualgame franchisesandprovidingastrategic overviewof howagame brand shouldchange over time.inthee earlypartsof development,the may liaise withdevelopment staff toprovide some input intoinitial decisionsuchascharactersand scenarios.Theywill alsobe involvedwithanyfocus testingof the game'sconceptand, laterinthe project,howfeedbackonthe game isused.One keytask forthe Product Manager is definingthe marketpositioningof theirgames,especiallyin termsof showinghowtheyare differentto competingproducts.The mostimportantpartof the job occurs priorto release,whenthe game's launchplanis putintoaction of copyright. Thismeans advertsand products cannot be plagiarized. £50,000 or more. The salary for productmanager rangesfrom £19,500 to £29,500. Finance Productionaccountant As the Production Accountant,youwill be responsible forproviding effectivefinancial control and managementof budgetson productions,providing regularcost reports,upto date forecastsadvice oncost reductionandutilizationof funds You will ensure thatthe accurate provisionof accruals andcommitmentsare made throughout the productionlife cycle andwill prepare final accounts,ensuringall outstandingclaimsare settledmaterial overspendsare highlightedwith relevantstakeholders. You will take anactive role inbudgetingand forecastingcontributingtothe preparationof accurate and achievable month-endproject forecasts,balancingcreative aspirationswith financial andresource constraints.Youwill also Have to go throughthe government of union, guild,tax and other government relevant regulations. The ranges of salaryfor the accountantare £18,781 to £66,990 either full time orpart.
  4. 4. prepare andrevise aphasedfinal costforecastto supporteffectiveandtimelybudgetarydecision- makingandaid centralizedcashflowforecasting and will provide timelyadvice onthe financial implicationsof on-goingeditorial changes. Workingalongside ProductionTeamsyouwill play a keyrole in costmanagement,monitoringand controllingexpenditureagainstbudgetand ensuringthatthisisreflectedaccuratelyand correctlyon the system.Youwill challenge and actual or potential variancesandwill workclosely withthe seniorproductionmanagementtoprovide strategicadvice andanalysis. In addition,youwill be responsible for completing statutory and corporate financial returns for location spend items on behalf of the production and will ensure compliance andbest practice across all activities. Creative Gamesdesigner Game Designers devise whatagame consistsof and howit plays.Theyplanand define all the elementsof agame: itssetting;structure; rules;storyflow; Duringdevelopment,the Game Designermakes adjustmentstothe original specificationforthe game to respondto technical constraintswhich have beenidentifiedandtoincorporate new programmingandart creationmethodsdeveloped by the team.Theyalsotrain QA Testersto playthe game,makingsure that theyunderstandwhatis expectedof the finishedproduct. Misuse of computeract if in office workor computer work From £19,000 to £55,000 ina year.35 hoursa week,theymay be forcedto workharder as and more hours whendeadlines
  5. 5. characters; the objects,props, vehicles,anddevices available tothe characters; interface design;andmodes of play.Once the game isdevised,the Game Designer communicatesthisto the rest of the developmentteam whocreate the art assetsand computer code that allowthe game to be played. Sometimesthe Game Designercomesup withthe game’s premise.More often, mostof the core ingredientsare alreadydefinedand theymustdecide howto create the bestgame using these elements, withinacertain budgetand timescale. Game Designersare approach. They’re usually full time and sometime canbe freelancer
  6. 6. employedby developmentstudios, bothindependent and publisher-owned. The game design processisusually sharedbetweena numbersof different people,overseenby a Lead Designer. SalesandMarketing Marketingmanager As a marketingmanager,it wouldbe yourjobto plan the bestwaysof promotingyour employer'sproducts,services or brand.If you’re organized and love communicating messagesandideas,this couldbe the jobfor you  researchingand analyzingmarket trends  identifyingtarget marketsand how bestto reach them  comingup with marketing strategies  planning campaignsand managing budgets  organizingthe productionof postersand brochures  designingsocial mediastrategies  attendingtrade shows, conferencesand Misuse of computers and copyright Hours- 30-40 per week. Starting salary- £25,000 per year Contract type- full time contract
  7. 7. salesmeetings  makingsure that campaignsrun to deadline andare on budget  monitoringand reportingonthe effectivenessof strategiesand campaigns  managinga team of marketing executivesand assistants