Twitter conventions


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Twitter conventions

  1. 1. Twitter Twitter is an online social networking website and micro blogging service that allows users to post and read text.
  2. 2. Very popular/tweet, Direct messages • 645,750,000 people use twitter worldwide. • There's 140 characters, known as “tweets” , you could tweet about anything that’s why people tweet it’s a fast way to get your message heard. • Direct message- allows you to contact anyone, its like inbox no one else sees it except for you and that person.
  3. 3. Following and followers/Retweets – sharing content/@ and usernames • Following and followers- you follow friends, celebrities, or people you just like, there's fashion pages, and followers are people who follow you, so they would be able to see your page even if it’s private. • Retweets are when you tweet something and people Retweet it if they like it, and you could Retweet other people tweets if you like it. • @ and usernames- @ is when your looking for a person you @ them then write their usernames, you have to make username so people could find you, usually people would write their nick names, or their real name and add numbers to make it unique.
  4. 4. Hashtags/Activities/Notifications • You would hash tag hot topics, so if you are trying to find something trending you would write the hash tag and it will come up. • Activities- you can find different activities on twitter and there's updates on different activities of other users. • Notifications- are usually to tell you who favourite your tweet or retweeted it, also it will tell you when someone follows you or DMs you.
  5. 5. List of popular "trending” topics/ fast way of finding out what's happening • Its very easy to find out things that happening around the world and your area on twitter if something big happens for example a big explosion happens you could go on twitter and see people tweeting and talking about it, and find out what's happening straight away. • List of popular has all the topics that’s trending so if something happens to a celebrity everyone is going to be talking about it, so you can go on the list of popular and find out the hottest trending topics.
  6. 6. Communicate worldwide/False reports Eyewitness accounts • Its very easy to get false reports on twitter, because anyone can write what they want, its more opinion the facts so you have to be careful when you get information from twitter. • You can communicate world wide on twitter and tweet follow or DM anyone around the world, that’s why its one of the best social networks in the world. • Eyewitness accounts are events witnessed by somebody first handed. For example somebody witnessing the earthquake in Chile.
  7. 7. • Form: Micro blogging social network • · Structure: 140 character status, retweets, pictures • · Content: Individual’s expression • · Technical conventions: See previous slide, interactive • · Mode of address: Depends on individual source – formal/informal/humorous/serious Subjective