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Tv broadcasting


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Tv broadcasting

  1. 1. Television Broadcasting
  2. 2. Defining the TV industry  Television Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a audience.  Viewers receive an image and sound on the screen from cable or either satellite.  There are 27,000 hours of domestic content produced each year at the cost of £2.6 billion
  3. 3. Size Shape And Structure Of TV Broadcasting.  This combination of factors is transforming the skills needs     of the 50,150 strong workforce. There are also around 300 cable and satellite broadcasters. around 850 independent production companies. Also referred to as indies. The UK industry is dominated by the major broadcasters, plus a much larger number of less well-known broadcasters and production companies. There are nine so-called terrestrial broadcasters.
  4. 4. BBC World News.  BBC World News has currently got the largest     audience of any BBC channel. It broadcasts for 24 hours a day. Its part of the BBC Commercials Group so it is not funded by the T.V licence. BBC World News even airs on; Cruise ships, Airlines, Mobile Phones, Hotel Rooms and Homes. It has a whopping 74 million viewers per week.
  5. 5. BBC One  It is the flagship TV channel of the BBC in the UK, Isle Of Man and Channel Islands.  Worlds first high resolution broadcasting channel.  This channel is funded by the TV Licence fee’s which each household in the UK has to pay if they had a cable television.  It has sister channels; BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBBC, CBeebies.
  6. 6. Commercial TV  The most popular commercial TV Channel is ITV.  Commercial TV gets its fund by airing adverts between TV shows. Advertisers try to show them during the most popular shows such as X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing because they knows millions are watching.  The time and length of the advert have different costs.
  7. 7. ITV  ITV is the UK’s second largest TV channel following BBC in first. ITV has the crown for the largest commercial TV channel in the UK.  ITV is viewed as an entertainment based channel.  It also airs some of the highest rated TV shows such as Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.  These shows usually bring in an average of 10 million viewers each.
  8. 8. ITV  Here is an estimated chart showing how much it would cost to air your advert on ITV and at which times.  Via Cost Of Advertising on ITV