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The press by fateha


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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The press by fateha

  1. 1. By Munira Mohamed And fateha begum
  2. 2.  Press was a daily middle-market tabloid published in Belgrade between 2005 and 2012. launched by a group of journalist who left published by their newly established company called press publishing group, press quickly developed sizeable readership, reaching high circulation in the process.
  3. 3.  A tabloid is a news paper with compact page size smaller than broadsheet, although there is no standard for the precise dimensions of the tabloid newspaper format.
  4. 4.  The broadsheet is the largest of news formats and is characterized by long vertical pages (typically 22 inches 560 millimetres). The term derives from types of popular prints usually just of a single sheet, sold on the sheet and containing various types of materials.
  5. 5.  The press owns different kind of press companies, for example:  News International,  Guardian Media Group,  DMG Media  And more.