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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Scene: Director: Date: Activity Risk Preventative Measure Filming interviews. Camera wire across the floor. People can trip over the wire and can badly hurt themselves. Put the wire to one side and notify people to not walk on that side of the room. Filming the chess pieces. There is a risk of damaging the container, which contains the chess pieces by tripping over your laces and hitting the glass. Make sure your laces are tied and also make sure you have sufficient space around yourself. Moving around with equipment. Tripod legs hitting the general public and the museum walls. Also dropping the camera and other equipments. Close the tripod legs and fold it up and put it in the tripod case. Make sure the camera is strapped around your neck or it is in the camera bag. Filming general public. British museum Amad Islam 4/12/13