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Research Methods Bart


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Published in: Education
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Research Methods Bart

  1. 1. Introduction: In this report I will show the different types of research methods and explain the uses and disadvantages of them. Research Methods: Research methods are a way of gathering data for proving and testing theories. There are two types of research methods: Primary and Secondary. Primary research: Primary research is a way of getting data yourself, this way the data will be unique to everyone who does their own. Some of the primary research methods are  Surveys  Questionnaires  Interviews The positive aspects of primary research: Key: WK (Weakness)  The data collected will most likely always be accurate. The research will be collected by doing it yourself at a certain time and location. WK – Will be time consuming and may need funding to conduct the research  It will be suited to whatever you want it to be for e.g. : animals, weather and such Name: Bartosz Tkaczyk Subject: Media Creative Production
  2. 2. Secondary research: Secondary research is information you did not acquire yourself but from a source of information such as Wikipedia or a newspaper.  Internet  T.V.  Newspaper The positive aspects of secondary research: Key: WK (Weakness)  Saves time and money that could have been spent on primary research. WK – The information may not be entirely accurate.  The source may not be reliable and trustworthy such as Wikipedia which anyone can edit information on. Conclusion:In conclusion different types of research methods can vary depending on the way you are willing to get information. Some methods can be time consuming and are paid for and the others can be acquired for free. This could help me in the future with my upcoming essays or research tasks by showing me which one would be best suited for the task.