Report web authoring assigment 1


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Report web authoring assigment 1

  1. 1. Web Authoring: Protocols, Design Conventions and Software In this reportI will be discussing web authoring with reference to protocols, design conventions and software. This reportwill include a definition and explanation of each topic in specific detail with supporting illustrative examples. Web authoring is the design and development of a website. Web authoring comprises of three aspects; Protocols, rules on how data is exchanged/a procedure. Design Conventions, The different conventions that are included to create a valid and attractive design for a websiteand lastly software, software’s availableto build websites. Protocols arerules on how data is exchanged. There are many different protocols that are needed in web authoring such as: URL – A URL stands for UniformResourceLocator. It is a web address that leads you to a website. Itis a long string of text that is used by web browsers to direct people to different websites. A URL is one of the things that separates website fromeach other. An example of this is: Pumas%20suede&aid=1100&gclid={gclid}&mkwid=sayP9ztfK_dc&pcrid=37420605897&pkw=pumas %20suede&pmt=e&gclid=CPO76rzGq70CFYRf2wodUngAMg A Doman name is the name given to a website. For example the Domain name of www.facebook.comis “Facebook”. This is registered through a Doman Name Registrar. A Top level domainname is the last section of the main URL. An example of this is: - - - .net - .org - .com
  2. 2. Internet service providers arecompanies thatprovideyou with internet. Examples of someof these companies are: - BT - Virgin - Talk Talk - Sky Web page conventions: Websites are made out of a lot of pages, all using the same URL. Itis importantthat each webpage has a suitable name that reflects the content that page. An example of this is The URL will always say if you are using the website or on any page under the Facebook domain. DesignConventions - Designing a websitetakes a great deal of planning and a lot of factors need to be considered. There are many things to take into account when designing a website and a few conventions that are used to design a website. Rule of Thirds Rule of thirds are Rules that are applied to the layoutand composition of images and websites. It’s an image within a squarewhich is moved around to fit different parts of the image in the squareor to zoomin and see the bigger version of the picture in that square.
  3. 3. Colour schemes There are three main colour schemes that a website can be designed with. Picking the right colour scheme for your website is very important in setting the tone and feel of a website. Colour schemes reflect the natureof your website. Monochromatic Itmeans one colour but in different shades. This means the website only uses one colour although tints and different tones are accepted. Complimentary Complete opposite colours, E.g: yellow and purple. Fonts There are two types of font. Sans serif and serif. Fonts and Texts  A paragraph welcoming you to the website.  A paragraph introducing the website and then another explaining whatit is about
  4. 4. Software: There are lots of tools and software’s availableto build websites. These are divided into two categories. HTML Text Editors: These let you type the HTML. Coding used to build websites. VisualEditing: These let you build websites visually and do much of the programming for you.
  5. 5. To conclude on this report, I have explained the key elements and features, as well as conventions, which revolvearound web authoring. I havelearnt many things such as the differentconventions that are used when creating a website such as the colour schemes and the protocols that are taken on board to create a successfulwebsite. I can apply this knowledgeto my superhero website due to the fact that I know what will be the mostappropriate look using the colour scheme and also will have an idea on how to create a successfulwebsitedue to all the conventions.