Report web authoring Unit 11


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Report web authoring Unit 11

  1. 1. Web Authoring: Protocols, Design Conventions and Software In this report I will be discussing web authoring with reference to protocols, design conventions and software. This report will include a definition and explanation of each topic in specific detail with supporting illustrative examples. Web authoring is the design and development of a website. Web authoring comprises of three aspects; Protocols, rules on how data is exchanged/a procedure. Design Conventions, The different conventions that are included to create a valid and attractive design for a website and lastly software, software’s available to build websites. Protocolsare rules on how data is exchanged. There are many different protocols that are needed in web authoring such as: URL –A URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a web address that leads you to a website. It is a long string of text that is used by web browsers to direct people to different websites. A URL is one of the things that separates website from each other. An example of this is: Pumas%20suede&aid=1100&gclid={gclid}&mkwid=sayP9ztfK_dc&pcrid=37420605897&pkw=pumas %20suede&pmt=e&gclid=CPO76rzGq70CFYRf2wodUngAMg A Doman name is the name given to a website. For example the Domain name of is “Facebook”. This is registered through a Doman Name Registrar. A Top level domain name is the last section of the main URL. An example of this is: - - - .net - .org - .com Internet service providers arecompanies that provide you with internet