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Radio news

  1. 1. Conventions of radio news By Munira Mohamed
  2. 2. Identifying the conventions • The normal come on a is regular time basis, so they have a certain time they come on the radio. • The interviews are normally of people who are concerned with the stories, they talk about the things that are happen on that day. The news is normally about traffic updates as majority of the time people listen to the radio in there cars • The people on the radio news are normal very formal and serious about the news as they talk in a very formal manner and serious tone. • The name of the present is presented at the beginning before they start talking they introduce themselves so the people know who talking first.
  3. 3. Identifying the conventions • The headline tells them what issue they will be talking about, the newsreaders will expand on the stories to help the audience understand more easily. • There's correspondents and reporters who also come in talk to add more additional information to the news. • They also talk about the weather to give the audience an update of what the days weather will be like, they’ll go through to the sports news to tell those sports fans who wont and the scores on the team match. • There’s archival sound to make the news radio sound more interesting for the audience. • There’s theme tunes to introduce the news radio, the theme tune identity's the news radio.