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Newspaper website article

  1. 1. Newspaper website article
  2. 2. Date and time/ pictures/Hyperlinks • On the news website articles they would have the date and time, to the readers know when this story is and how long ago it , because sometimes people read old article and share it then if you start reading it and want to know when it was posted you would have the date and time there that’s why its really helpful. • They have pictures to back up their story, as readers sometimes to make their story more believable. • They use Hyperlinks sometimes to show you other pages or links to other pictures relevant to the story.
  3. 3. Social sharing/No columns/Some will have comments sections • Social sharing, you would have links to Facebook and other social network which they give links to sometimes when its relevant with the story. • No columns, newspaper, has columns on every page, but newspaper website has no columns because its more harder for the readers to read its better if they just go down on the page and read it bas paragraphs, since us going to be on computer. • Some websites will have bottom section where the public can comment on and say their opinion.
  4. 4. Headline and summing up sentence/Very short paragraphs • Headline that sums up the sentence is for the readers to know what they are about to read so when you give them a headline that sums up the next sentence they would read it and if they don’t know it move on instead of reading the whole thing just to get the story. • Short paragraphs so it looks better and more professional, and more easier for the readers to read it.
  5. 5. Side boxes with additional info/videos • The sides boxes help the readers understand more about the story just more information on side for anyone that needs it. • They would sometimes put videos on the bottom on the article as additional information for people and more evidence.
  6. 6. Tabloids newspaper website article. • Tabloids website articles update every minute for example the daily mail, and most of it it’s celebrity's what they did today , where they went, what they wearing, 99% gossip. It uses lots of informal language, and you can download the app on your smartphone, or I pad fast way to get all the gossip, the website has comment section blow where the public can say what they want about the article and what they think about it and have discussion with other people. They have a button where you can share the article on Facebook, twitter, social network.
  7. 7. Broadsheets • Its serious and formal, even the pictures are formal, they keep the article as simple they can not to much colouring, they show the pictures of the main article to catch peoples attention. They have important topics and more political, not about celebrities. They got tabs for different topics, example weather ,sports political. They have the comments box at the bottom for public opinion, you can share the article on social networks and other people can see it. They have hyperlinks to take you to other pages.