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Interview questions (for teachers) - 4018


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Interview questions (for teachers) - 4018

  1. 1. RAGWANA AKRAM 12C Interview Questions – Teacher 1. Does your school offer good range of activities? Yes they do. Most of our activities are sports related and these students like these sorts of activities and this also helps keep the students in shape. 2. Do you think students like the activities available in this school? Well I hope so, as these activities are there for the students and I hope that they are appreciate the hard work the organisers and staff have to go through for the students to have a nice time. 3. Are they suitable for young pupils? Yes, they are. These activities are age appropriate. 4. Do they know the health and safety rules of where the exits are etc.? Yes I’m sure all students know where to line up and the exit is to be safe. 5. How are the activities organised? Are they weekly or once every fortnight? Weekly, they are organised into different times such as a few clubs will go on at lunch and the rest after school on some particular days. 6. Do you know roughly how many students attend these extra-curricular activities? Maybe about 100 students or more? 7.) Do you know the ages of the students who attend these activities? 11 to 18 year olds