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Institution Information - Selin Sun 12R


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Institution Information - Selin Sun 12R

  1. 1. Type Subsidiary of Time Warner Industry Entertainment Founded 1923 Founder(s) Albert Warner Harry Warner Sam Warner Jack Warner Headquarters Burbank, California, U.S. Key people Barry Meyer (Chairman) Kevin Tsujihara (CEO) Products Motion pictures, television programs, video games Revenue US$ 12 billion (2012) Operating income US$ 1.2 billion (2012) Parent Independent (1918–1967) Warner Bros.-Seven Arts(1967–1970) Kinney National Company(1970–1972) Warner Communications(1972–1990) Time Warner (1990–2001, 2003-Present) AOL Time Warner (2001–2003) Website
  2. 2. Trading name DreamWorks Studios Type LLC Subsidiary Industry Entertainment Predecessor(s) DW Studios, LLC (1994-2008) Founded October 12, 1994 (19 years ago) Founder(s) Steven Spielberg Jeffrey Katzenberg David Geffen Headquarters Universal City, California Area served Worldwide Key people Steven Spielberg, Principal Partner Stacy Snider, Co-Chairman/CEO Products Motion pictures, television programs Employees 80 (2012) Parent Reliance Entertainment (50%) Divisions DreamWorks Live Theatrical Productions DreamWorks Movie Network DreamWorks Television DreamWorks Home Entertainment Website [1]
  3. 3. Type Subsidiary Industry Film Founded April 30, 1912 (as Universal Film and Manufacturing Company) Founder(s) Carl Laemmle Pat Powers Mark Dintenfass William Swanson David Horsley Charles Baumann Adam Kessel Jules Brulatour Headquarters Universal City, California Number of locations Universal Studios Orlando, Florida Universal Studios Hollywood, California Universal Studios Japan Universal Studios Singapore Area served Worldwide Key people Ronald Meyer (President and COO) Products Motion pictures Revenue US$4.239 billion (2011) Operating income US$27 million (2011) Parent NBC Universal, Inc. (Comcast Corporation) Subsidiaries Universal Animation Studios Focus Features Illumination Entertainment Website
  4. 4. Type Subsidiary Industry •CGI animation •Motion pictures Predecessor(s) Graphics Group of LucasfilmComputer Division (1979–86) Founded •1979 as Graphics Group •August 17, 1986 as Pixar Founder(s) •Ed Catmull •Alvy Ray Smith •Steve Jobs Headquarters Emeryville, California, United States Key people •Ed Catmull (President) •John Lasseter (CCO) •Jim Morris (General Manager and Executive VP of Production) Products Pixar Image Computer,RenderMan, Marionette Parent Lucasfilm (1979–1986), Independent (1986–2006), The Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company) (2006– present) Subsidiaries Pixar Canada Website
  5. 5. Type Division of Sony Pictures Entertainment Industry Film Founded Los Angeles, California, United States(1918 as C.B.C. Film Sales, renamed Columbia Pictures on January 10, 1924) Founder(s) Harry Cohn Jack Cohn Joe Brandt Headquarters Culver City, California, United States Area served Worldwide Key people Doug Belgrad and Matt Tolmach (CoPresidents) Products Motion pictures Owner(s) Independent (privately held) (1918– 1926) Independent (publicly traded) (1926– 1982) The Coca-Cola Company (1982–1987) Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. (publicly traded) (1987–1991) Sony Pictures (1991–present) Parent Sony Pictures Entertainment Website
  6. 6. Type Industry Founded Headquarters Area served Key people Products Revenue Operating income Owner(s) Divisions Website Subsidiary of Viacom Film 1912 (as Famous Players Film Company) 1916 (as Paramount Pictures) Hollywood, California, United States Worldwide Brad Grey (Chairman and CEO) Rob Moore (Vice Chairman) Frederick D. Huntsberry (COO) Adam Goodman President of Paramount Film Group Motion pictures $1.2 billion (2011) $300 million (2011) Famous Players-Lasky Corporation (1916–1927) Independent (1927-1966) Gulf+Western (1966–1989) Paramount Communications Inc. (1989–1995) Viacom (original) (1994–2005) [ Viacom (new) (2006–present) Paramount Home Entertainment Insurge Pictures Paramount Famous Productions Paramount Vantage Paramount Animation Paramount Television Former: Famous Studios Paramount Parks Paramount Stations Group
  7. 7. Type Privately held company Industry Film Founded April 17, 1924 Founder(s) Marcus Loew Headquarters 245 North Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, California 90210,United States Key people Gary Barber (Chairman and CEO) Jonathan Glickman, President of Film Division Ken Schapiro, COO Products Motion pictures Television programs Owner(s) Loews Corporation (1924–1959) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (1959–1980) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Co. (1980– 1981) MGM/UA Entertainment Co. (1981– 1986) Turner Broadcasting System(1986) MGM/UA Communications Co. (1986– 1990) MGM-Pathé Communications Co. (1990– 1992) Crédit Lyonnais (1992–1997) Tracinda Corporation (1997–2005) MGM Holdings, Inc. (2005–present) Website ,
  8. 8. Type Subsidiary of Lions Gate Entertainment Founded 1991 Founder(s) Bernd Eichinger Arnon Milchan Andrew G. Vajna Headquarters Universal City, California (US HQ) London, UK (International HQ) Key people Rob Friedman Patrick Wachsberger Products Motion pictures Parent Lions Gate Entertainment Divisions Summit Entertainment Records
  9. 9. Type Subsidiary of 21st Century Fox Industry Film Founded May 31, 1935,by merger of Fox Films (founded in 1915) and 20th Century Pictures, Inc. (founded in 1933) Founder(s) Joseph M. Schenck Darryl F. Zanuck Headquarters Fox Plaza, Century City, Los Angeles, California, United States Key people Rupert Murdoch, Chairman Daniel Tayne, President Products Motion pictures, television films Owner(s) 21st Century Fox Parent Fox Entertainment Group Divisions 20th Century Fox Animation Fox Searchlight Pictures Fox Digital Studio Fox 2000 Pictures Fox Animation Studios Fox Atomic Fox Interactive 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Fox Television Studios 20th Television 20th Century Fox Television Subsidiaries Blue Sky Studios Fox Star Studios Website