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Hibba - what will i see/hear


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Published in: Education
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Hibba - what will i see/hear

  1. 1. What will I see and hear? 1- Camelot Pictures Production… (Institutional logo) 2- Boxcut Pictures presents. 3- Blank black screen with music starting. 4- Fade into an establishing shot of protagonists house. (music still playing) 5- Camera moves closer to the house and ends up with an close up of door number. 6- Blank screen with a sound bridge of priest saying prayers. Fade into panning shots of objects around protagonists bedroom. (Priest still saying prayers) 7- Mid shot of priest and character sitting on bed, lose up of bible and prayer beads. 8- Extreme close up of characters eyes and priest’s eyes. 9- Over the shoulder shot of characters outside bedroom. “Is my husband going to be okay?” “I hope so” 10- Match on action of priest walking out of bedroom. 11- Close up of occult necklace on floor.