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Game release

  1. 1. Thopon Chowdhury Unit 1 Assignment 2 Pick a video game to research. Using at least 5 sources of information you need to: 1) Identify and describe the target audience and how this game was designed for them. 2) How the game did when it was released: 1. How much money did it take 2. How much did it cost to make 3. How was it received by critics 4. What reviews did it get Grand Theft Auto 1) This game firstly is identified as an adult’s game. Although played by many children, the game has guidelines and restrictions towards the people that should be able to play it. The game is age restricted by PEGI. PEGI restricts the game to anyone who is under the age of 18 due to: Violence, bad language, sexual content and drugs. After all this the game is still played by children under this age and is known to be played by a younger audience. This is known by everybody because on the cover of grand theft auto it displays a restricted age for the game to be played. It is also known as an adults game and franchise because of the different images they display on their own website. E.g. on Rockstar’s website there are many images with naked women and nudity. This is a sign that this is an adult gaming franchise. Another way to identify the
  2. 2. target audience is the contents of the game. The game contains many forms of nudity such as when you visit a strip club or a lot of pedestrians. The target audience is mostly recognized for being a game for males rather than females. This is proven in the game where majority of the nudity is by females and also there is a lot of explosions and violence which in stereotypical terms is targeted towards men. 2) At the games firstrelease it sold millions. Even till this day the game has reached 150million worth of sales and it’s slowly rising. In the next three days the game reached$1 Billion. The game is already the 24th best-selling game ever in the UK, and its opening week figures were2.4 times bigger than GTA 4, and bigger than all previous GTA titles' launch weeks combined. The company announced that it has now sold 33 million total copies of its hit game Grand Theft Auto V, approaching $2 billion sales justfromthat game alone. But Take- Two also said that despite such a major success, ittook a loss for the quarter of $30.8 million, or $0.40 per share. Also this game brokemany world records. Some of these records arelisted below: Full list of Grand Theft Auto V record- breaking achievements: 1. Best-selling action-adventure videogamein 24 hours 2. Best-selling videogame in 24 hours 3. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion 4. Fastest videogameto gross $1 billion 5. Highest grossing videogamein 24 hours 6. Highest revenue generated by an entertainment productin 24 hours 7. Most viewed trailer for an action-adventurevideogame Grand theft auto 5 according to Bloomberg business cost Rockstar to spend $115million to produce. This is the most expensive game ever but has been known to make at least 6 times as that in a month.
  3. 3. According to venture beat, the games critics reviewed GTA 5 as one of the best games ever to be made. This was the quotes of the review: “Michael, Franklin, and Trevor embody the best and worst of what Los Santos and Blaine County have to offer. They’re not heroes, but despite my conflicted feelings, the engrossing narrative pulls you into their personal lives and the violent conquests they embark on. You’re both a witness and accomplice in their crimes. Depending on your personal tastes, that can come off as being repulsive, funny, or somewhere in between. You can also just ignore the story completely and spend hours looking for Bigfoot again in the mountains. Exercising that freedom of choice is what helped launch Grand Theft Auto to popularity in the firstplace. Rockstar doesn’talways hit its ambitious goals, but it comes pretty damn close, and that’s enough to make Grand Theft Auto V its finest GTA game to date” Final critic’s score: 95/100