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  1. 1. GAME RESEARCH This presentation will present the results from my research and explain how this information will help me develop my concept art sketches and final product.
  2. 2. TYPES OF RESEARCH I have done primary research such as interviews and surveys asking the people what they thought so I could develop my sketches, I have used this so and I also used secondary information such as surveys. I only used interviews and surveys for my primary research because I feel that using a questionnaire would not be as effective because this is quantitative data. I used surveys in my secondary research because for this I will not be using this data as much.
  3. 3. MINDMAP & MOODBOARD I have this image of an ancient warrior because I want my character to look like this, only a little similar. I thought of the throwing knife because it is a weapon that has a long range, that will come in handy because he could easily throw them from a distance. I added a picture of a wild bear because that is the enemy of the game. I initially wanted to have my ancient warrior in an old kingdom but that was to basic an I wanted a original idea I got my idea of a throwing knife because when I was looking for a long range weapon I saw gun and throwing knife and it would be strange if you saw ancient warrior having a gun!
  4. 4. GAME RESEARCH Your game research slides should go on this section with a slide where you explain how this research has helped to inform your game idea and the choice of items/ characters and environments you will sketch.
  5. 5. QUESTIONNAIRE Present the results of your questionnaire over the next few slides. You must have a pie chart for each question and explain how this data has helped you to develop your game idea and how it has helped you develop your initial concept art sketches.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION all this data has helped me develop my game because I used something from most of the games and included some of my original ideas – I will sketch a throwing knife , a deserted forest and an ancient warrior ; leaving the mystery of how he got there open to the individual player.