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Conventions wiki


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Conventions wiki

  1. 1. Wikipedia
  2. 2. Online encyclopaedia/Editable by the public • Wikipedia is edited by the public so anyone could go on it and write false information, that was the case before now they changed it, you could edit it but it has to be relevant. • It’s online encyclopaedia • Number of pages: 32,430906 • Number of articles:4,472486 • Number of files:827,140 • Number of edits: 698,881,826 • Number of users: 20,927,892 • Number of admins: 1,416 • Number of active registered users: 131,031 • During the mouth of September 2013 Wikipedia was ranked as the 9th most popular site on the internet for desktop& mobile platforms with 116,835,000 visitors.
  3. 3. Pictures/Lots of written information/ Subheadings • You would often see on Wikipedia pictures of what ever you are researching for example if your researching about a person their picture would come up. • There's lots of written information on wiki, the usually talk about the history of what ever you researching, they would give you links to other pages. • There's lots of subheading on Wikipedia, they help the readers find out what the paragraphs are about to help them with their research.
  4. 4. Title of article/Hyperlinks/Contents box listing headings • Hyperlinks will help you find other pages that’s relevant to what you looking for and help you get further with your research. • Wikipedia has content box listing which help you jump to other relevant sections so you can find what you looking for quickly. • Title of article helps the researcher go to the right article they looking for quickly.
  5. 5. References/intuitional information • You have reference and intuitional information provided to show where most information has come from, so the public can know how reliable Wikipedia is.
  6. 6. Side bar with settings/Talk page tab for discussing improvement to the page • There's talk page tab, where the public can discuss what they like and dislike if there's room for improvements, and just gets the public opinions heard. • Side bar, has setting with suggestions and content to help you find other pages you might be looking for, there's many research helps on Wikipedia.
  7. 7. • Form: Online encyclopaedia • · Structure: Written articles with paragraphs • · Content: Information about different topics, pictures • Technical conventions: See wiki slide • · Mode of address: formal, serious, informative, tries to be objective