Conventions of twitter Bart


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Conventions of twitter Bart

  1. 1. Conventions of twitter Conventions of twitter are:  It is a very well known social networking site. With over 100 million active users every month.  Tweet. Just to post a message or status to twitter timeline. Also a form of expression of thoughts and opinions.  Has a 140 Character tweet limit. People are used to shortened words and phrases. Such as and = &, you = u, to = 2 and etcetera. This also narrows the time down to reading a text instead of reading like its an article on a blogging site  Hash tags are basically like a way to project your tweet to be shown to a number of other people looking for the same topic or activity. Football fans may use hasjtags such as #arsenal to get information or views of other people based on the recent match.  DM. Short for direct message. This is to message a private message to a follower. This can only be done if a person is following you or you are following them.  Trending topics are what people are talking about on twitter and the most popular subject or topic. This will make it to the trending topics page. For example a popstar > lady gaga < releases a song she would have the title of her song trending.  Twitter logo with hyperlink to homepage. This is so you can easily return to the homepage of twitter by clicking the little bird icon.  Timeline. This is the homepage of twitter after the login page. Shows all the tweets your following category has posted and occasionally contains adverts.  Retweet, Favourite and quote tweet. Retweet is a form of sharing someone else’s post. Favouring someone’s tweet means you like a persons tweet or status update. A quote tweet is when you add or edit text on a pre existing tweet.  Search and navigation bar at the top of the page is to search for a certain topic or to navigate to another part of twitter. Such as the direct message page, the notificatons and mentions page and the homepage.
  2. 2. Conventions of twitter Form: Twitter is a micro blogging site. Structure: Tweets with 140-character limit, Can include pictures and links to other sites and/or videos. Content: expression of individual thoughts and opinions. Mode of Address : can be varied depending on the the user or page tweeting information. Formal/informal/humorous/serious. Subjective- your point of view.