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Conventions of factual website


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Conventions of factual website

  1. 1. Conventions of factual website (NHS) By Munira Mohamed
  2. 2. Identifying the conventions for the NHS site • There’s Navigation bar with tabs to different sections and drop down menus to most popular topics to help people find out more information about different things. • There’s Embedded video about the topic that page is about, there’s a search box were people can type and search for anything that they want to learn about on the site. • There’s Logos with hyperlink to main page and a slogan for the site (your health, your choices) • People can Share, save, print icons want they want to show something that on the website. There’s tabs for specific topic that people want to learn about on the page. • There’s a Subheadings for the heading introduce a bit more about what the topics going to be about. There’s bullet point to make it easier for people to understand the topic. There’s hyperlinks in sentences so people can go to different pages and learn more. They have the name of the article to introduce what the article is going to be about. • The site has Advice boxes/boxed information to help people with there health on what should they do to stay healthy. There’s comment boxes were people can comment there opinion and there’s images for each page to show what the issue is.
  3. 3. • Form: Online fact/advice website • · Structure: Written articles with paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points • · Content: Information about different topics, pictures, videos • Technical conventions: hyperlinks, tabs etc • · Mode of address: formal, serious, informative, tries to be objective