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Conventions of a fact based website Bart


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Conventions of a fact based website Bart

  1. 1. Conventions of a fact based website§  Navigation bar with tabs to different parts of the page with drop down menus to the most popular topics. These are to give navigations to the audience and to cycle through pages on the site.  Search boxes are used so that people could be redirected to the information on the topic they are looking for. These are also handy so that users don’t have to look through all the pages and just use key words in the search bar for quick results on related topics.  Logo with hyperlink to the main page as this allows users to quickly return to the homepage instead of going back through all the pages they have visited on that site.  Slogans are also used as this catches the reader’s eye. Used for advertising purposes. People generally remember companies for the slogans. Such as ‘ finger Licking Good ‘ is used for KFC and people automatically think of KFC  Hyperlinks to quickly redirect you to the exact topic you are searching information for and/or to redirect you to a similar part of information. Or to visit a site by clicking it once instead of typing the full link in the address bar  Headings and subheadings for introducing a different part of information and a new paragraph, which could be about something completely different.  Bullet points are used because they are succinct and get to the point quickly. Saves the reader time by not making them read massive chunks of writing.  Sharing to social sites, Printing and save icons. Allows users to quickly share information to social media sites with one click to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Printing with one click and to save the page of information as a PDF or Word Document.  Embedded videos and pictures to break up all the mass of plain text and give the viewers something else to look at and see a video or picture representation.  Comments section for readers to post their opinions and views on the topic. Lets users feel as if they are interacting with each other.
  2. 2. Conventions of a fact based website Form: Online Fact / Advice Website. Structure: written articles with paragraphs, bullet points and headings. Content: information about different topics, Pictures and videos. Technical conventions: Hyperlinks and tabs Mode of address: Formal, Informative, tries to be objective.