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Concept art work 2


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Concept art work 2

  1. 1. My Six Item Sketch This is a sketch of my six item so I can have an idea which item shall I use. Also this can help me because it outlines what item is best for me and what item is not good enough to be my item I have sketched a laser gun because it can be the best weapon for my character. Also I have used this item because I like how laser gun are used and They are a well-known feature of science fiction. Also electrolaser is a type of electroshock weapon which very interesting for my item.
  2. 2. My Two Character Sketches I drew these two characters with a piece of paper and a pencil. I have drew this because it helps me idea what character I can draw in my concept art sketches. This is a Photorealism Character I have sketched this character because he is the character that I want in my game and that he more realistic then the character on the right.
  3. 3. My Two Environment Sketches I have come up with a graveyard and a jungle for my two environment sketches I have chose to do a graveyard for my concept art because it suits my character and that he will get use to the environment.