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Cheyenne evaluation 1


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Question 1

Published in: Education
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Cheyenne evaluation 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My film opening used, developed and challenged forms and conventions of real social realism films. As a group we looked at similar media products to ours for example we looked at the film London to Brighton, Bullet Boy, Shank and Goodbye Charlie Bright. These films all gave us inspiration and gave us the idea of what conventions we needed to include to create the British Social Realism film we wanted. The beat we used when the film first opens is non-diegetic and carries through until the narrative, we decided on this beat because we thought it was gritty and urban which is what we was trying to portray throughout. It also links with the fast pace of his lifestyle as we see his journey. We used both diegetic sound with the sound of the police cars and the children playing in some of the clips to create the communal atmosphere of the environment. We used Film 4, UK Film Council and National Lottery for our institutional logos because they are all institutions, which we know, would show a Social Realism film. For example, from my research film four are known to back a lot of unknown films made in the UK such as ‘This Is England’ also funded by UK Film Council. The settings/locations played a big role in creating the Social Realism film because they are a key convention. From our research we found that the locations used are places like council estates, blocks, streets, and parks because it makes the film seem more real for the audience so they can relate a lot more. Another convention of British Social Realism is their range of shot types which helps the audience establish the location, for example after the ‘Road Runner’ title we show a panning establishing shot showing the audience the area which gives them an idea of where the film is set. From my research I learnt that Social Realism Films tend to deal with modern day issues such as money, drugs, crime, sex, prostitution, alcoholism, class and religion. The storyline that we chose is about a young drug dealer who gets himself into trouble when the money he made for his boss gets stolen. This reflects social issues that affect many people so it helps the audience relate to it as its something that goes on a lot in modern day society. Another convention is the naturalistic lighting that was used in every social realism film my group and I looked at. It again helps force that realistic reality feel that the films convey. We used natural lighting through out our film except the scene where our character is in the bin shed room as there is an automatic light in there. We made a montage of shots for the opening to show the audience our characters lifestyle, the shots show him riding his bike as his bike is his transport for getting him around to do his job, we showed various shots of him going to do drug deals and going into blocks.