Catwomen website presentation by fateha begum


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Catwomen website presentation by fateha begum

  1. 1. Homepage Meet catwomen who is a mostly reformed cat burglar with an on-again, off-again, romantic relationship with Batman. She is shown as a woman who is very strong-willed, independent and morally conflicted with her past. In each pages it tells and shows lots of life about catwomen past and present. Further more it will tell about you about her parents, siblings and her worst enemies In each pages there are lots of thing you can see for examples videos, merchandises, books or comics about catwomen and her life, and some biography about her past and future. Also Home Biography MediaMerchandiseComics
  2. 2. Catwomen is adventurer who's been both super-hero and super-villain. Beginning her career as a thief and enemy to Batman, she later turned to crime-fighting and became part of the Batman Family. Despite her villainous nature, she works hard to protect the East End of Gotham City. Catwomen's early life was defined by tragedy. When she was just a girl, her brutalized mother Maria committed suicide and her violent father Brian drank himself to death soon after. Separated from her younger sister Maggie and remanded to the Sprang Hall Juvenile Detention Center, an abusive state home for orphaned or delinquent girls, she opted instead to take her chances on the streets of Gotham City.There have been several versions of Catwoman's origin story. In Year One she's shown as a prostitute working in East End. Catwomen takes care of an underage girl named Holly Robinson while working for their abusive pimp Stan. Detective George Flannery sends her to Ted Grant, who teaches her how to fight after Stan beats her up. When she sees Batman in action for the first time, he inspires her to become Catwomen. Catwomen beats up Stan and takes Holly with her. Biography
  3. 3. Home Biography MediaMerchandiseComics Comics Originally introduced as an equal opponent for Batman, Catwoman's status as hero or villain is ambiguous; she has her own moral code and has occasionally teamed up with Batman and other heroes against greater threats, even saving the lives of the entire Justice League on one occasion. She represents a grey area in Batman's otherwise black and white life where the line between good and evil blurs, and his attraction to her stems from this perception that, in her way, she's kind of a female version of himself: another dark creature that prowls the night. Although catwomen have been in some villain videos but in the page it tells you about her life in these comic books. You can get them in these companies, examples to show:
  4. 4. Merchandise In this website page this will show you all the merchandise that you or your friends can get to make your own collection for these merchandises. Also these merchandise can be find any where in the cities but mostly you can find in the comic toy store in the UK. SO BETTER HURRY UP BEFORE IT SOLD OUT IN THE WEBPAGE OR IN STORES!!! Home Biography MediaMerchandiseComics
  5. 5. Media In the media page it shows you different clips of catwomen and her life in many cities that she saved from her evil villains. Also that in some clips there are many interesting place where catwomen goes. So buy these dvds of catwomen and her life, go quickly before its too late to get it!!!!! Home Biography MediaMerchandiseComics
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