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Attack the block Poster Analysis - VEL


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Analysing the film poster for Attack the block

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Attack the block Poster Analysis - VEL

  1. 1. Attack the Block Film Poster Analysis
  2. 2. • The film is about a teen gang in South London defending their block from an alien invasion. • Attack the block is an Action, comedy, sci-fi genre released in May 2011 (UK). Joe Cornish is the director of this film. • The budget for this film was $13,000,000 and ending up earning $137,580 in the USA and£1,133,859 in the UK on the weekend of release. • The Target audience for this film is teenagers.
  3. 3. London shown in the distance are well known iconic buildings (the gherkin). The buildings have been put in the distance to show how far the characters are from the city. Streaks of light coming out of the sky at night is suggesting the narrative of possible alien invasion, bad things are going to happen. Mist swirling around in the background giving a sense of mystery, something is going wrong. Low angle, long shot of the tower block makes it look bigger and intimidating enforcing the stereotype.
  4. 4. Standing in a group suggesting their friends. The boy in the front shows he’s the leader and that they are a gang. Characters are all in casual/street wear representing the stereotype of living in a block. The props suggest a sense of action/violence. By having a diverse ethnic group the movie then appeals to a wider demographic.
  5. 5. The 2 white characters are both completely different to each character shown; The man looks dopey, lazy and doesn’t care about his appearance, The lady looks a lot older than the youths and looks well presented. By having a ‘normal’ women and a man that looks like a funny character would make people want to watch this film broadening the target audience. This man Is also a very famous well known actor bringing in more of an audience. Bold sans serif title with dirt and tyre marks shown reinforcing the setting of a dirty, run down place.
  6. 6. The purpose of the film poster is to promote the new film and bring in as many people as possible. This particular film poster would be advertised on buses, train stations, bus stops.