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  1. 1. Stockton's ABLE charter high school promotional school
  2. 2. They started the promotion video by asking a rhetorical question, aiming at the parents as well as having a calming music. This straight away grabs their target audience attention. Then the text changes, welcoming the viewers in.
  3. 3. At the opening of the promotional video they use soothing music and this carries on throughout the video. They also include titles. The first scene they use is of a student, this is a close up shot and its effective as we can see her face properly and a bit of the background making it clear to view. Here they included the titles of the student name and description of what year she’s in (junior) 3rd grade of high school. This is a close up shot
  4. 4. The next scene of the promotion video is of students listening to their teacher while engaging in the lesson. This scene is shown while Alyssa is talking this is called an L-cut and this continues for the next three scene. Long shot Mid-shot of student engaging with the class Close up of a student on the computers.
  5. 5. Here they introduce is a mid-shot of another student, in this shot we see bits of the background (mise en scene) of the school. They include titles again.
  6. 6. Here we have a mid shot of an older student, talking about the school this instantly makes the audience intrigued. The school has used variety of interviews of students from 3rd grade to 8th grade. This is good technique since it shows the school has used different students from different years making it appealing to the audience. Another students
  7. 7. They move onto the building of the school, by using a panning shots. This is an attractive technique because of the way it pans across the building and giving the audience a sense of the school and showing them that it’s a very Morden school.
  8. 8. Here we have a mid shot of some students looking through the microscope, this is appealing to the audience because of the equipment. Here we have an subject teacher talking about how the students prefer the smaller environment to learn in and how the teachers care to meet the students achieve the best of their abilities. This is very important technique to include in an interview of teacher in promotional video as parents are most likely to know how they would help their children.
  9. 9. Here we have close up shot of laptops, and how students are talking, how usually the laptops are. This is effective because shows the school has good facilities.
  10. 10. Here we have all these six very persuasive sayings at the end of the promotion video, One of the best one that would intrigue the audience is the “Free tuition” because as most American schools are not free.