Install Guide - 3 panel fold out


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Sample installation guide

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Install Guide - 3 panel fold out

  1. 1. CONNECT SPU TO ODU Stop panning at the point of maximum signal strength (highest AGC voltage) and PROTEUS AMT M-SERIES The SPU-to-ODU cable is a single 50-ohm RG-8A/U TNC to Type N coaxial cable. tighten azimuth adjustment nuts. RADIO Cable length limit is 22 dB loss at 350-MHz (about 300 meters). Remember to add 4. Pan the ODU in elevation and stop at QUICK START GUIDE service loops at the terminating ends. the point of maximum signal strength (highest AGC voltage) and tighten the fine REMOVE POWER BEFORE elevation adjustment nuts. CONNECTING THE SPU-TO-ODU CABLE. CONNECT RADIO Connect the cable Type N end to the MANAGER ODU and TNC end to the SPU. The COMPUTER port on the SPU front Information you’ll want to Add strain relief, seal, and weatherproof panel provides serial access to radio read before installing your external cable connections. maintenance applications. radio. ALIGN THE ODU Connect a VT100 terminal or use any terminal emulation program to access the Pre-align ODU azimuth, horizontal text-based radio application. reference, at each site by pointing the unit toward the far-end unit as closely as Connect between the SPU port and a possible. And, pre-align elevation, vertical terminal using a straight-through serial reference, at each site by pointing the unit cable terminated with DB9 connectors. either up or down to the approximate vertical angle. Terminal emulation programs must be VT100 compatible with the serial port set 1. Turn power on at both sites, and disable for 9600 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop ODU mute using the radio management bit, and no flow control. application (see next subsection). FOR MORE INFORMATION 2. At the ODU, connect a digital The user manual on the CD that ships with multimeter to the test connection using each radio details the steps included in this test leads with a BNC connector at one guide. end. 3. Pan the ODU in azimuth using the fine azimuth adjustment while watching for peak AGC voltage. 4000 Greenbriar, Suite 100A Stafford, Texas 77477 Phone (281) 263-6500 Fax (281) 263-6400 P/N 8860017-20 4 Rev. A
  2. 2. TO CONNECT 5. Turn power on to verify that the SPU has power. The SPU power LED lights. AND START MOUNT THE SPU Mount the SPU shelf in a grounded 19- inch EIA rack or equipment cabinet. 2. Attach the RFU to the antenna using the four snap fasteners. Ground the SPU to the facility grounding system by connecting GND pin of the SPU power plug to facility ground. CONNECT POWER POWER SUPPLIES AND PROTECTION DEVICES MUST HANDLE IN-RUSH CURRENT ≥28A FOR UP TO 1MS (48V) OR ≥5A FOR UP TO 4MS (24V). 1. Check the polarity of your supply leads. UNITS WITH THE N-TYPE ANTENNA INTERFACE MOUNT TO A POLE- 2. Ensure GND pin of the power plug is MOUNTING PLATE AND CONNECT WITH connected to facility ground. A LENGTH OF N-MALE CABLE. SPU requires proper grounding 3. With power off, connect positive and negative supply leads to the power plug as the following figures show. IF INPUT POLARITY IS REVERSED (+V INSTEAD OF –V): • F2 BLOWS ON -48V UNITS 3. Connect a 6-AWG copper wire (not • F1 BLOWS ON 24V UNITS MOUNT THE ODU supplied) from the RFU grounding post to 4. Use an ohmmeter to verify that no 1. Attach the mounting assembly to the a ground point on the tower. shorts exist between ground and DC pins outdoor pole, and the antenna to the of the power connector. assembly as shown 1 2 3