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Proving the Impact of Olympic Sponsorship


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Initial discoveries from Havas Sports & Entertainment Study about Impact of Sponsorship on Olympic Games

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Proving the Impact of Olympic Sponsorship

  1. 1. Proving the impact of Olympic sponsorship: our initial findings June 21st, 2012 Lucien Boyer Global President & CEO Havas Sports & Entertainment© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  2. 2. A bit of context There exists little quantifiable research on the real effects of Olympic sponsorship and if it achieves brand objectivesWe set out to change this fact for one very simple reason… © Havas Sports & Entertainment
  3. 3. …we wanted to provide brands with hard evidence to ultimately help them make fact-based decisions when considering Olympic sponsorship in the future© Havas Sports & Entertainment 3
  4. 4. Because although we know Olympic sponsorship works and has for decades… 1908 Odal mouthwash Olympic print ad© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  5. 5. …and brands/fans believe in the power of the Rings© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  6. 6. National Pride……and gut feel aren’t enough when millions of $ are at stake… We wanted tangible proof © Havas Sports & Entertainment 6
  7. 7. Longest and largest study of its kindOver 3 years before, during, and after the Games9Krespondents 39 brands across all Tiers Across the UK© Havas Sports & Entertainment 7
  8. 8. IOC Sponsors TOP IOC Sponsors 11 brandsLondon 2012 Sponsors Tier One Sponsors 7 brands Tier Two Sponsors 7 brandsTier Three Sponsors 28 brands © Havas Sports & Entertainment 8
  9. 9. Our aim? Shift the needle from simple awareness to true brand engagement Increased Brand …but also Awareness Stronger Purchase Improved Brand Intent Image Increased Brand Increased Sales Advocacy Don’t only look at… Sponsorship Awareness…and ultimately brand engagement which results in true fans © Havas Sports & Entertainment
  10. 10. Using the Olympics to achieve brand objectives 01© Havas Sports & Entertainment 1
  11. 11. Who we will look at today TOP Sponsors Tier 1 Partners Tier 2 Partners Tier 3 and Paralympics Partners Unofficial brands© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  12. 12. Creating brand love among teens around the Olympics© Havas Sports & Entertainment 12
  13. 13. A campaign targeting youth and sustainability built around brand engagement SUSTAINABILITY Reduce Carbon Footprint MUSIC Zero Waste Games Leave a Social Legacy© Havas Sports & Entertainment 13
  14. 14. We’re helping Coke brands achieve objectives© Havas Sports & Entertainment 14
  15. 15. © Havas Sports & Entertainment 15
  16. 16. Core to their communications strategy© Havas Sports & Entertainment 16
  17. 17. Stories (content, experiences, conversations) Spread (liquid) Value (linked)© Havas Sports & Entertainment 17
  18. 18. Olympic Torch Relay© Havas Sports & Entertainment 18
  19. 19. Stories (content, experiences, conversations) Spread (liquid) Value (linked)© Havas Sports & Entertainment 19
  20. 20. From one-way messages to dynamic stories Message Brand conversations Brand Brand content experiences© Havas Sports & Entertainment 20
  21. 21. Multiple activationsFan photo Brand ambassadorsshoots Events Coke street © Havas Sports & Entertainment teams 21
  22. 22. Stories (content, experiences, conversations) Spread (liquid) Value (linked)© Havas Sports & Entertainment 22
  23. 23. Inviting fans to be part of the storyCoca-Cola Limited Editionpackaging and samplingtour Sampling © Havas Sports & Entertainment 23
  24. 24. Using storytelling to appeal to youth and build brand love Coca-Cola is the 2nd most recognized sponsor of the Olympic Games across the U.K. (behind McDonalds), but… …1st among youth coca good inspire beat great passion olympic cola free world energy 2012 games music campaign move Coca-Cola has increased sponsorship awareness coke brand people marketing play love best team among youth by 37% in fun started ronson 12 months© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  25. 25. Leveraging the Olympics to restore a damaged brand LOCOGSponsorship July 2008 Spill DateApril 2010© Havas Sports & Entertainment 25
  26. 26. And build brand credibilityBuilt on sustainability Athlete endorsement spreads the message© Havas Sports & Entertainment 26
  27. 27. As sponsorship awareness improves, so does BP’s reputation BP’s image is substantially more positive amongst those aware of their Olympic sponsorship Committed to 45% improvement 20% Aware of BP Environmentally 23% sponsorship responsible 13% Unaware of BP sponsorship Caring 21% *April 2012 11% Community 20% focused 10%© Havas Sports & Entertainment 27
  28. 28. Other interesting take outs, so far… 02© Havas Sports & Entertainment 2
  29. 29. Good vibrations across the UK London United 55% Kingdom London United 54% 47% Kingdom 44% “Hosting the Olympic Games “I am really proud that is a great thing for the London has been chosen to country as a whole” host the Olympic Games” 29© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  30. 30. Domestic fans have a positive view of Olympic sponsors Games are better as a direct consequence 40% of sponsors’ contribution 29% Sponsors have a positive impact on society 32% Games are run more for the benefit of the sponsors than of true sports fans© Havas Sports & Entertainment 30
  31. 31. Strong content and experiences reinforcing domestic leadership© Havas Sports & Entertainment 31
  32. 32. Helping Cadbury outperform the competition • Got in early • Launched waves of activation based around “fun” while maintaining steady awareness e.g. Spots & Stripes • Integrated engagement platform including experiential, digital (SoMe) and PR • Differentiated ambassadors • Product centric approach© Havas Sports & Entertainment 32
  33. 33. And benefit from a shared passion with fans What is your favorite brand of confectionery? Aware 75% of Cadbury sponsorship Unaware 60% of Cadbury sponsorship© Havas Sports & Entertainment 33
  34. 34. Success is also a result of smart investment Photo to find – holiday inn© Havas Sports & Entertainment 34
  35. 35. Expensive sponsorship does not guarantee success Success is determined by HOW money is spent, NOT how much© Havas Sports & Entertainment 35
  36. 36. Panasonic is less recognized despite TOP sponsor status Although a TOP sponsor for 28 years, Panasonic is more aligned with Tier 2 and Tier 3 sponsors 20% TIER ONE RANGE 15% TIER TWO RANGE% awareness 10.7% 10% TIER THREE RANGE 8.4% 5% 0% © Havas Sports & Entertainment 36
  37. 37. Create relevant and localized engagement© Havas Sports & Entertainment 37
  38. 38. Engagement is key, not a nice to have is a bank Banks have a lot harder time engaging fans than other sexier, more exciting sponsors© Havas Sports & Entertainment 38
  39. 39. A great strategy can work a treatLloyds TSB activated:  first (first to market - began activation in 2007)  often  globally (Olympic Torch Relay)With content that is engagingand unites fans around theGamesGarnering the highestawareness of any Tier 1 sponsor(20%)© Havas Sports & Entertainment 39
  40. 40. Leverage sector exclusivity to separate from the competition© Havas Sports & Entertainment 40
  41. 41. Visa differentiates through sector exclusivity Visa and MasterCard offer a similar service yet Visa differentiates itself through its sponsorship Which of these brands are you aware is an Olympic Sponsor ? Before Olympic tickets went on sale (March 2011)© Havas Sports & Entertainment 41
  42. 42. Sector exclusivity can block competitors from stealing the spotlight Visa and MasterCard offer a similar service yet Visa differentiates itself through its sponsorship +91% Which of +16% these brands are you aware is an Olympic Sponsor ? Before Olympic tickets went on sale After Olympic tickets went on sale (March 2011) (December 2011) • 20% more likely to agree that Visa is accepted pretty much everywhere, and, • 16% more likely to agree that Visa is the only card you need© Havas Sports & Entertainment 42
  43. 43. Food for thought: tips to maximize Olympic sponsorship activation Identify an area of passion & legitimacy that only your brand can own • Fans recognize when you’re being fake or untrue to your promise Move from simple awareness to real storytelling • Continually drive fan engagement and relevance Be inclusive and inspiring • from the inside out Go the distance, and your fans will go with you • Demonstrate your commitment to what they love, and create life long relationship© Havas Sports & Entertainment 43
  44. 44. Does the Olympics help brands achieve their objectives? 03© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  45. 45. We think soFor Coca-Cola: Olympic sponsorship helpedcreate a life-long brand storyFor BP: the rings have helpedrepair poor image & perception issuesFor Cadbury: Olympic sponsorship has realimpact on business results, beyond pureimage and awarenessFor Holiday Inn: success is determined byHOW money is spent, NOT how muchFor Lloyds TSB: relevant & localizedengagement made an unsexy categoryinterestingFor Visa: the Games guarantee stand out andexclusivity © Havas Sports & Entertainment
  46. 46. We set out to measure the impact of the Olympics on sponsor objectives But we’re not done …and finish with the “after”So far we havemeasured the“before”… …soon we will measure the “during” …To demonstrate the real, long term effects of Olympicsponsorship & its impact on brand objectives© Havas Sports & Entertainment 46
  47. 47. Our Olympic client portfolio© Havas Sports & Entertainment
  48. 48. The Havas House Valentina to provide elements next week© Havas Sports & Entertainment 48
  49. 49. © Havas Sports & Entertainment
  50. 50. © Havas Sports & Entertainment 50