20140625_Feed your Inspiration Breakfast_Future of Press


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'Feed your inspiration Breakfast' Havas Media Belgium session of 25-06

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20140625_Future of Press

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20140625_Feed your Inspiration Breakfast_Future of Press

  1. 1. PRINT Growth opportunities
  2. 2. Perception… Lower investments Less audience Paid circulation decreases An outdated medium
  3. 3. …Reality Reading time increasing Paper remains a priority Multire@ding 30% of the mediamix
  4. 4. Stop thinking that print is going to die
  5. 5. Mediamorphoses Values Media brands Audience Source of income
  6. 6. Refocus on values Power of the media… Editorial value, high quality journalism… Credibility of content Physical and emotional closeness
  7. 7. Refocus on values Lean back, relax and enjoy… Finding tips, pratical articles, specials… Inspiration…
  8. 8. Refocus on values Source : IP – Mediabrands study 2012 Activation and opinion medium…
  9. 9. Refocus on values Source : IP – Mediabrands study 2012 …Attractive and trendy medium
  10. 10. Press makes people smart
  11. 11. Media brands
  12. 12. Thinking media brands is… Growth opportunities
  13. 13. …thinking power… 6 Belgians out of 10 are in contact with a daily paper media brand every day 80% of Belgians read a weekly magazine (print + digital) every week Source : CIM 2013(2) _ Reach 12+ (000)
  14. 14. … thinking re@ding time… Source : Temps de lecture d’un quotidien => 45’ en version papier + 4’ en version mobile + 10’ sur PC Rossel Advertising / Trustmedia. 45’  59’
  15. 15. …during the day NewspaperMobile Website Website / Newspaper Website Newspaper Mobile Mobile News Opinion Analyses Short news items and traffic Short news items through the day with frequent updates News updates Faits divers Entertainment Analyses News Entertainment Video Sport (Live) Faits divers Short news items through the day with frequent updates Short news items News Opinion Analyses RadioRadio Radio RadioTV TVRadio Daily and Audiovisual Media brands
  16. 16. ...and finaly think love Next to the reach, the quality of the media context needs to be taken into consideration as well Your target group experiences your Ad as content. Source : Sanoma (Engagment study)
  17. 17. For example
  18. 18. For example 1945 Today
  19. 19. Digitalization?
  20. 20. Digitalization of magazines Fixe Source : Paper Chain Forum – 2013.
  21. 21. Digitalization of magazines “Magstore” is the digital platform of Sanoma magazines, which offers more than 18 titles. Through this digital kiosk the consumer can read, buy and hold these magazines. For subscribers, the tablet version is included in the price of the print subscription.
  22. 22. What’s a magalogue ? Compromise between the editorial content of a magazine and the compulsive buying on internet
  23. 23. Digitalization of newspapers Fixe Source : Paper Chain Forum – 2013.
  24. 24. Newspapers : a successful digitalization Source : Comscore (April 2014) Reach 15+
  25. 25. Combinated audience
  26. 26. Combinated audience LLP audience of a title (paper version only) Cumulative net audience of the paper version as well as the PDF version and the audience of the tablet and smartphone application. Currency 1 Currency 2
  27. 27. Combinated audience Mediabrand audience whatever the medium Currency 3
  28. 28. Combinated audience Source : CIM 2013 (2) Newspaper’s reach on 12+ 49% Reach 4 706(000) 51% Reach 4 877(000) 58% Reach 5 531(000)
  29. 29. Combined audience per day (Dailymetrie) Objective 1: Measure the net audience of a media brand across all platforms Objective 2: Provide information on the overlap and the added value of different forms of publication or media. Objective 3: Provide interesting information on the media planning of concrete results Source : Dailymetrie – De Persgroep
  30. 30. Combinated audience per day (Dailymetrie) Source : Dailymetrie – De Persgroep
  31. 31. Source of income
  32. 32. New ways to be informed
  33. 33. The best of print and online news in a streaming radio app, personalized based on your interests, from hundreds of sources and thousands of stories every day.
  34. 34. Text to video technology that can automatically turn any text- based article, post or feed into a video
  35. 35. Flipboard is a Personal Magazine It's a single place to discover, collect and share the news you care about.
  36. 36. New print experience
  37. 37. In Sweden, the startup Meganews found a new economic model for the magazines. Two minutes to print a magazine. Many kiosks with about 200 digital press titles (at the moment) are in test version for the moment.
  38. 38. The end of « all for free »
  39. 39. One unique ID for use of Belgian online media applications
  40. 40. The end of something is always the beginning of other things Chinese proverb