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Global Media Trends: Life Tracking


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Havas Media's trend profile on Life Tracking and the Quantified Self. Through today’s technologies, life tracking allows people to measure and monitor the activities in their daily lives, from eating and sleeping to exercising and shopping.
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Life tracking systems include wearable computing – sensors, trackers and cameras embedded in shoes, wristbands, hats, clothing, etc. – and connected smart devices – mobile phones, monitors, home appliances and entertainment systems. Using these systems, one can measure, monitor and visualize performance; optimize daily activities to be healthier and more productive; make more informed purchase decisions; and manage social reputation.

For marketers, there are many areas of opportunity to become a useful part of people’s lives through life tracking.

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Global Media Trends: Life Tracking

  1. 1. SECTION TITLESub heading for section
  2. 2. Life Tracking: What is it? Quantified Self•  Tracking activities in your life, surrounding environments, and social networks to: •  Measure, monitor and visualize your performance and progress •  Optimize daily activities and behaviors (exercising, eating, sleeping, etc) to better enjoy life, be healthier and more productive •  Make more informed purchase decisions •  Manage and develop your social reputation•  Life tracking systems include: •  Wearable computing – sensors, trackers and cameras embedded into clothing, shoes, hats, wristbands, etc •  Connected smart devices and mobile applications– mobile phones, monitors, home appliances, entertainment system
  3. 3. Measure your everyday movements and monitor your calories burned with an electronic bracelet and connected smartphone. Earn fuel points for reaching your goals, compare your athletic achievements with others like you, and share your success on Facebook or other social networks (Nike Fuelband) Life Tracking: Mastering your sport Improve your golf game on over 20,000 courses worldwide-right from your wrist or belt. A virtual caddy keeps track of your scorecards, clubs and key statistics, so you can view and share them withfriends, and study rounds from the pros (Motorola, MOTOACTV)
  4. 4. At night, measure and improve yoursleep cycles. Wake up in the morning by a vibrating bracelet alarm. During the day, log-on to a web dashboard to track your steps, calories burned, and calories eaten. (Fit Bit) Life Tracking: Living healthier Monitor and control blood pressure by wrapping a device around your arm and plugging a chord into your phone to get your numbers. Get tips on improvements and share results with your doctor (Withings)
  5. 5. Track moods and behaviors of kids or adults with autism. View daily patterns with a visual calendar and multi-item graphs. Share individual events or entire screens with your family members or doctor by using email or Twitter (Autism Tracker) Life Tracking: Managing conditionsManage your diabetes from your phone; log in glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages, and health activities. Share data with caregivers and your doctor to get feedback. (Glucose Buddy, SkyHealth)
  6. 6. Keep track of everything you eat and drink and get rewards. Turn healthy living into a fun game. (Foodzy) Life Tracking: Eating better Be more conscious of your eating habits by eating slower. If you east too fast your fork vibrates to alert you to slow down. (HAPIfork)
  7. 7. Keep track of the foods in your fridge - such as expiration dates so you can reorder fresh items. On your fridge door, also access customized recipes and offers based upon what food you buy. Monitor temperatures to keep your food as fresh as possible for as long as possible. (LG Smart Refrigerator) Life Tracking: Controlling your home Unlock or lock your door from your mobile device.Share or restrict access to your home by other people, send notificationsalerting when another user opens the door, such as your child returning home from school. (ADT Pulse)
  8. 8. Track energy usage, fuel savings andyour environmental contribution over time on your smartphone.Store and share data with other eco- friendly users online. (Greencharge) Life Tracking: Optimizing costs Manage your money in real time: automatically organize your spending into categories—like rent, gas, clothes, coffee —and visually see where your money goes in easy-to-understand charts. (Mint)
  9. 9. Track all of your social activity and accumulate points for your social influence score Based upon your Klout score, get access to special perks, products or experiences (Klout profile)Life Tracking: Managing social reputation Record and share your life story through Facebook timeline:daily actions, geo-tagged photos, likes, friendships, events (Facebook Timeline)
  10. 10. Life Tracking: Opportunity•  Sponsor brand challenges through events and programs that encourage people to take control of their own lives through ongoing tracking.•  Data should be interactive, interesting and easy to understand (graphs, visuals) and share (forward, post, comment, embed, synchronize)•  Let people compare their individual performance against the collective through measurements such as points earned, calories burned, miles run, money saved•  Incentivize sharing of activities amongst friends and like-minded peers by rewarding most active participants through gamification strategies.•  Provide real-time feedback and recommendations on how people can further make improvements in their daily trackable activities.•  Connect with people around the emotional value of personal achievements•  Life tracking categories to consider: living healthier, managing conditions, exercise training and competitive sports, home improvement, cost savings, educational training, and more sustainable or efficient living.
  11. 11. Life Tracking: Key Stats•  The total number of wearable devices with fitness and wellness applications will grow from 16.2 million in 2011 to 93 million in 2017; revenue from sports and wellness mobile apps will rise from $123 million in 2010 to $341 million in 2016 (ABI Research 2012)•  7 in 10 American adults are health self-trackers of some kind and 1 in 5 smartphone owners has a health application (Pew 2013) •  60% adults track weight, diet, or exercise: 34% track the data on paper, like in a notebook or journal, 21% use some form of technology to track their data •  34% of trackers think the practice affected a health decision, 40% say it led them to ask their doctor a new question or seek a second opinion, and 46% said it changed their overall approach to health. (Pew 2013)•  By 2015, more than 50% of organizations will gamify their innovation processes. Gamification builds a narrative that engages players to participate and achieve the goals / tasks of the activity.(Gartner 2011)
  12. 12. Western Europe & North America Leading in Smart Wearable Devices Source: Juniper Research
  13. 13. Overview: Global Media Trends Video SeriesFor 2012-2013, Havas Digital is developing a global video series that will featureinterviews with innovative leading companies and key industry specialistsacross nine media trend areas.Havas has undertaken this comprehensive market review in order to identifythe most crucial areas of opportunity for our current and future clients.For marketers who are seeking to be more effective in reaching theiraudiences, more engaging when connecting with them, and more efficient intransacting with them, we believe there are multiple opportunities that arenow available within this dynamic new landscape.Trend categories: progressive screens, social shopping, location-basedmarketing, crowdsourcing/co-creation/curation, augmented learning, big data& analytics, smarter search, life tracking, and cashless commerce.
  14. 14. NOTICE: Proprietary and ConfidentialAll the content of this document (text, figures, lists, financial information, graphics, design,diagrams, as well as other graphic elements and/or audio and videos), whichever the format used(paper or electronic), is confidential and proprietary to Havas Media Group. This documentincludes ideas and information based on the experience, know-how, intellectual/creative effort ofHavas Media Group. For these reasons, this material shall not be used, reproduced, copied,disclosed, transmitted, transformed, commercialized or communicated, in whole or in part, neitherto third parties nor to the public, without the express and written consent of Havas Media Group.Havas Media Group © All rights reservedThis presentation is not a contractual proposal and has no binding effects for any Havas MediaGroup company until a final and written contract is entered into between the parties.
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