Global Media Trends: Social Shopping


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Havas Media's recent global media trends report on Social Shopping provides examples of marketers around the world incorporating social into marketing and sales activities throughout the customer journey.
Social shopping is shopping and buying with friends through the use of digital technologies and social platforms. It is the exchange of product ideas, tips, recommendations and feedback throughout the shopping process, whether online or in-store. According to research done by Booz & Company, by 2015, the dollar volume of goods sold globally through social media is expected to rise six-fold, to $30 billion from $5 billion in 2011. Watch the video

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Global Media Trends: Social Shopping

  1. 1. An introduction to Havas Media
  2. 2. Social Shopping: What is it? Shopping and buying with friends through the use of digital technologies and social platforms•  Exchanging product ideas, tips, recommendations, and feedback throughout the pre, during & post shopping process, whether online or in-store•  Communities for like-minded shoppers to share and connect•  Shopping tools for personalizing, visualizing, customizing products•  Rewards, discounts for promoting and incentivizing friend purchases•  Special perks and exclusive access for most active fans and influencers•  Fan and loyalty clubs•  Group buying services
  3. 3. Social Shopping Lifecycle DISCOVER: Inspire & MotivatePURCHASE: Social CONNECT:Recommend & Reward Shopping Personalize & Visualize SHARE: Feedback & Influence
  4. 4. Get inspired by eyewear styles on fashionable bloggers and click through to buy the same glasses (Pinterest,, U.S.) Social Shopping: Discover Follow your favorite brands,designers and bloggers and get their latest products, recommendations and sales updates (LYST, Facebook open graph, UK)
  5. 5. Get motivated for the holiday shopping season by findinggreat ideas within a gift guide from your daily new stream (Kate Spade, Facebook) Social Shopping: Discover Browse a selection of virtually displayed products, while getting real-time access to the latest prices, social buzz, picture feeds and other news. Use your mobile to buy (Ebay Pop-up Store UK)
  6. 6. Join the conversation with other moms and receive personalized offers based upon your interests and lifestyle (Walmart, Google Plus, Brazil) Social Shopping: Connect Create a personalizedproduct catalog, save items you want, rate what you own, read reviews, and chat directly with others to get advice (Sears Shop Your Way, iphone, U.S.)
  7. 7. Try on and visualize differentoutfits, without changing clothing, through a virtual touch screen. Save and share pictures with friends and get recommendations (Swivel™ by FaceCake, Windows Kinnect) Social Shopping: Connect Upload photos of your outfit Upload photos of your outfit and get feedback in and get real time feedback real-time from friends (Fashism, iphone/Web) (Fashism, iphone/Web)
  8. 8. Get feedback on which custom sneaker design your friends prefer (Nike, Twitter) Social Shopping: ShareSelect 2 friends and answer a quiz about the Kia Picanto for a chance to win a Shopping Day while driving the Picanta car around with your friends (Kia, Facebook App, Netherlands)
  9. 9. Let your friends know what items you want, and get entered into a contest to win a gift card. (Gap, Facebook, Pinterest, U.S.) Social Shopping: Share Play a game and choose different fruits to make a virtual mixed juice. Then have the same fruits you chose sent to your friend in real life as a fresh juice (Joyoung E6T, Weibo, Sina, China)
  10. 10. Order pizza directly fromFacebook while chatting with your friends (Dominos, Facebook, Australia) Social Shopping: Purchase Purchase items directly through an interactive video, share your purchases with other fans to win special rewards, and also get more tips from influential bloggers (Compass Visa, Facebook, Hong Kong)
  11. 11. Check-in while store shopping to receive a special discount when you purchase an item (American Eagle, Foursquare, U.S.) Social Shopping: Purchase Invite friends to split the cost of a gift together. Get product suggestions based upon the recipient’s social profile, brand likes and hobbies (ebay, Facebook, U.S.)
  12. 12. Social Shopping: Opportunities •  Inspire social conversation •  Personalize messaging,DISCOVER: about your brand by fusing CONNECT: experiences, offers so they products with hobbies, are meaningful to the Inspire & Personalize & events, passions, people, and specific needs, desires, Motivate causes that motivate your Visualize interests of the shopper and audience to talk and share their communities •  Leverage social graph for •  Help consumers visualize targeting new customers with how a product will look, feel relevant offers and products and function (via tools, apps) •  Develop experiences that •  Integrate commerce SHARE: are easy and rewarding to PURCHASE: functionality seamlesslyFeedback & customize (upload, edit, Recommend within social platforms online save) and distribute (post, and in-store Influence link, email, tweet) & Reward •  Make certain products, •  Incentivize active sharing services or discounts (via offers, discounts, accessible only via social badges) and reward most interactions influential consumers with •  Invite customers to submit special perks and exclusive product reviews and create brand/product access visibility around success •  Listen, learn and optimize stories and key influencers content, products and •  Employ attribution modeling offerings around customer to track conversion to sales feedback
  13. 13. Social Shopping Key Stats: Driving Sales GloballyBy 2015, the dollar volume of goods* sold globally Social shopping habits may be a reflection of culturalthrough social media should rise six fold, to $30 billion tradition than merely just digital consumption habitsfrom $5 billion in 2011.
  14. 14. Social Shopping finds a sweet spot in categories where discovery and inspiration are inherent
  15. 15. For staying informed about brands, people look beyond just friend recommendations and consider social ads What keeps you informed about a brand? What drives purchase? Yet, when it pertains directly to purchase, friend recommendations are still much more influential Source: Global Web Index, 2012
  16. 16. Overview: Global Media Trends Video Seriesl  For 2012-2013, Havas Digital is developing a global video series that will feature interviews with innovative leading companies and key industry specialists across nine media trend areas.l  Havas has undertaken this comprehensive market review in order to identify the most crucial areas of opportunity for our current and future clients.l  For marketers who are seeking to be more effective in reaching their audiences, more engaging when connecting with them, and more efficient in transacting with them, we believe there are multiple opportunities that are now available within this dynamic new landscape.Trend categories: progressive screens, social shopping, location-basedmarketing, crowdsourcing/co-creation/curation, augmented learning, big data& analytics, smarter search, life tracking, and cashless commerce.
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