Global Media Trends: Progressive Screens (Multiscreen experiences)


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The Havas trend report on “Progressive Screens” (multi screens) shows how digital screens across multiple devices are enabling people to experience media in more connected ways, and also creating opportunities for marketers to provide more integrated experiences across these various screens. View the video:

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Global Media Trends: Progressive Screens (Multiscreen experiences)

  1. 1. An introduction to Havas Media
  2. 2. Progressive Screens: What is it?•  Seamless, simultaneous or sequential engagement across multiple connected devices and screens including: •  TVs, PC desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, e-book readers, in- store kiosks, OOH digital billboards, Smart TVs, etc.•  “Progressive Screens” offer opportunities to enhance user experiences (versus interrupt) and enable consumers to ‘progressively’ achieve their tasks or goals
  3. 3. Unlock shopper rewards by using your phone to tag music from a TV commercial (Old Navy and Shazam) Progressive Screens Get point-of-view footagefrom the eyes of the world’s best snowboarders while watching the race on TV (Red Bull and Shazam)
  4. 4. Watch live game highlights,get access to archived gamesand share comments with other fans on your PC, smartphone and/or tablet (Volvo, Progressive Screens Vote for your favorite team players live in-stadium via texting, tweeting from your mobile device, or online website (All Star Ballot Vote,
  5. 5. Chat online with other viewers while watching TV shows (ABC ‘Scandal’ and iPad page on Progressive ScreensBrowse and buy items you see featured in your favorite TV shows (Ebay ‘Watch with’ IiPad app)
  6. 6. Play and compete with sports fans while watching the game(Heineken Star Player mobile app, TV) Progressive Screens Befriend a TV character in real- time on the web via SMS text, and get a personal response and offer redeemable at your local store (Grolsch Beer, TV ad, web and mobile)
  7. 7. Progressive Screens: Opportunity•  Activate fans and customers, and monetize complimentary touch points with brand sponsored engagement •  Live events (sports, music): extend the experience online with gaming competitions, real-time stats, videos •  TV shows – supplement with access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and conversations•  Spur social amplification, sign-ups, registrations, and sales through ad- based interactions (tagging content, check-ins, tweeting,etc)•  Progressive screens best practices: context-driven (specific to location, time, consumer need) with related call to action, seamless and consistent (fluid stories), complimentary (not duplicative), transferable, savable, and optimized for the format, device.
  8. 8. Progressive Screens: Key Statsl  90% of all media interactions in the U.S. are screen based, with an average of 3 different screen combinations per day: smartphone & TV (81%), smartphone & Laptop/PC (66%), Laptop/PC & TV (66%)l  77% of TV viewers use another device while watching TV; smartphones are the most frequent companion device while watching TVl  34% people use the device closest to them when looking for informationl  Top activities performed during simultaneous screen usage: emailing (60%), internet browsing (44%), social networking (42%), playing a game (25%), searching (23%), watching video (9%)l  67% of people start shopping on one device and continue to another (61% laptop, 4% tablet)Source: Google, New Multiscreen World, US, Aug 2012
  9. 9. Progressive Screens: Key Stats Simultaneous global use of tablet while watching TVGlobal dual screen activities:(Nielsen, Q4 2011)l  Most frequent tablet or smartphone activity across all countries while also watching TV is checking email.l  Other content related to Simultaneous global use of smartphone while watching TV watching TV include looking up info related to show, looking for deals or products advertised on TV.
  10. 10. Overview: Global Media Trends Video Seriesl  For 2012-2013, Havas is developing a global video series that will feature interviews with innovative leading companies and key industry specialists across nine media trend areas.l  Havas has undertaken this comprehensive market review in order to identify the most crucial areas of opportunity for our current and future clients.l  For marketers who are seeking to be more effective in reaching their audiences, more engaging when connecting with them, and more efficient in transacting with them, we believe there are multiple opportunities that are now available within this dynamic new landscape.Trend categories: progressive screens, social shopping, location-basedmarketing, crowdsourcing/co-creation/curation, augmented learning, big data& analytics, smarter search, life tracking, and cashless commerce.
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