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Cannes Lions 2016 Trends


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From the new wave of technological phenomena to the expansion of creativity in different formats, Cannes has redefined our interpretation of media execution.

We saw larger stunts, smarter tech, more effective applications of data and more OSEP approaches.

With the help of insights from Cannes media jury members - Maria Garrido and Jez Jowett - we have assessed the best trends to develop from the largest festival of the year.

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Cannes Lions 2016 Trends

  1. 1. 2016 Trends CANNES MEDIA LIONS
  3. 3. #1 MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS With attention drawn towards social commentary, societal change, peace, equality etc., brands have had to redefine themselves beyond the drive for consumption and that of drive for cause. Havas has understood for years that meaningfulness is crucial to a brand’s identity from our study. Some companies are catching on and have managed to achieve both by finding the balance between social cause & brand purpose by providing meaningful connections through media touchpoints. Winning examples:: Snapchat from the Closet, Pay with Blood, Slow Down GPS, Brewtroleum
  4. 4. SNAPCHAT FROM THE CLOSET: Oogachaga MEANINGUL CONNECTIONS Watch video Results: Silver-Media (1) Aimed to assist teens in Singapore with advice regarding their sexuality, the channel was a safe and confidential outlet for support with messages disappearing within 3 seconds after their appearance.
  5. 5. PAY WITH BLOOD Untold Festival and National Institute for Blood Donations • This campaign offered attractive incentives to the biggest music festival in Transylvania to those who donated blood: a free one day pass for donations in mobile centres in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca or a 30% ticket discount in any other location in Romania • Silver: PR (1), Bronze: Media (1) MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS ADDITIONAL CASES Watch video Watch video Watch video SLOW DOWN GPS IF Insurance • Based on the insight that people are programmed to react to children’s voice’s, a voice navigation app was created where the navigation voice automatically switches to a child’s voice whilst driving in child-dense areas, urging hasty drivers to slow down. • Gold: Promo & Activation( 1) ; Silver-:Direct; (1) Bronze: Media (1), Mobile (2), Digital Craft (1) BREWTROLEUM DB Export • Surplus yeast leftover after brewing DB Export Beer was used to create a biofuel- Brewtroleum. This biofuel emitted 8% less carbon than petroleum, urging consumers to “help save the world by drinking beer.” • Grand Prix : Outdoor (1) Gold: Media (1) Promo & Activation (3) Direct (2) Outdoor (2) Titanium-(1)
  6. 6. #2 UNEXPECTED TOUCHPOINTS Brands are finding new spaces for media in innovative places. They’re reinventing approaches of targeting audiences by provoking relevant connections and enlarging choices in unexpected touchpoints. Winning examples: Life Saving Stickers, LEGOLAND Dollars, Donate the Bars, The Second Scoreboard
  7. 7. LIFE SAVING STICKERS: Australian Road Safety Foundation UNEXPECTED TOUCHPOINTS Watch video Results: Gold- Media (1); Bronze- (1) Despite multiple road safety signs, drivers in Australia refused to slow down in residential areas. In order to change behaviour, stickers resembling small children were placed on rubbish bins to urge drivers to be more cautious in child- dense areas.
  8. 8. LEGOLAND DOLLARS Legoland • LEGOLAND put itself on the map in a cluttered theme park environment by introducing a new form of currency for foreign exchange at locations within airports and listing LEGOLAND as a country on the exchange board. The exchange rate was 1 LEGOLAND dollar to 1 USD and could be used at all LEGOLAND shops and the LEGOLAND theme park • Silver: Media (1) UNEXPECTED TOUCHPOINTS ADDITIONAL CASES Watch video Watch video THE SECOND SCOREBOARD Teletica, Inamu, Fedefutbol • As domestic violence increases during football matches in Costa Rica, two scoreboards were placed during the match, one that reflected the goal count, and another that tracked the number of domestic violence reports made through 911, bringing awareness of this issue to the forefront of people’s minds. • Gold: Media (2) Creative Data (1); Bronze: PR (1) Creative Data (1)Watch video DONATE THE BARS Atados • This campaign leveraged unused space from vertical Youtube videos (the black bars often seen on the sides of smart phone videos) and converted them into ad opportunities for NGOs. They became free digital billboards. Simple tech for a cause • Silver: Mobile (1), Cyber (1), Bronze: Direct (1), Mobile (1), Cyber (1)
  9. 9. #3 ROGUE STRATEGY Brands challenge the approval of their consumers and competitors in the name of social causes. This, in turn, garners widespread media attention that disrupts the hierarchical approval process and provokes brands to push the boundaries to send a message. Winning examples: McWhopper, Behind the Leather, Mirrors of Racism, #OptOutside
  10. 10. MCWHOPPER: Burger King ROGUE STRATEGY Watch video Grand Prix: Media (1) Print and Publishing (1); Titanium- 1; Gold- Integrated (1), Promo & Activation (2), Direct (2); Silver: Direct (1), Promo & Activation (1), Outdoor (1); Bronze: Cyber (1), PR (1),Outdoor (1) Burger King launched a very public proposal to McDonalds in the name of peace , the collaboration of their two most famous products to produce The McWhopper. The proposed burger would combine key ingredients of each restaurant’s signature product and would be prepared solely on United Nations Peace Day. Though McDonald’s declined, the campaign garnered a lot of public attention and copy cats.
  11. 11. ROGUE STRATEGY ADDITIONAL CASES Watch video MIRRORS OF RACISM NGO Criola • By using geo location data and monitoring the activities of racist offenders on social media, culprits were forced to face the scale of their insults as they were placed on billboards near their homes and geo-targeted ads on mobile and desktop. Virtual racism: real consequences. • Silver: Cyber (1); Bronze: PR (1), Outdoor (1); Creative Data (1) BEHIND THE LEATHER PETA Asia • Animal cruelty was brought to life at a pop-up high end boutique in Bangkok that sold seemingly authentic luxury fashion items. Upon opening handbags, coats, and wallets, unassuming shopper’s hands were covered in blood and slime. • Silver: Media (1) video #OPTOUTSIDE REI • Retailer REI set an unprecedented stand by shutting its doors on America’s biggest shopping day, Black Friday. Instead of having it’s employees and consumers spend the day in stores, it urged people to enjoy the outdoors. • Grand Prix: Titanium (1), Promo & Activation (1); Gold: Integrated (1), Cyber (1), Direct (2), Promo & Activation (1); Mobile (1), PR (1), Design (1); Bronze: Mobile (1) • Watch video
  12. 12. #4 DATA FOR MEDIA EXECUTION Whilst using data for media execution is still a challenge for most, there are a few stellar companies at Cannes this year that managed to outshine all others in the a sparse field. Winning examples: Grab a Seat It’s Pimm’s O’Clock, Now We Are All Beliebers, Kleenex. Someone Needs One, House of Clicks
  13. 13. GRAB A SEAT, IT’S PIMM’S O’CLOCK: Diageo DATA FOR MEDIA EXECUTION Watch video Results: Silver- Media (1) Thirsty drinkers were guided to nearby pubs from sensors installed in bars that gauged-in real time- how many seats were available. The sensors fed data to a digital outdoor campaign that changed course depending on the weather: outdoor gardens on sunny days, and indoor pubs for cloudy ones.
  14. 14. NOW WE ARE ALL BELIEBERS Universal Music Group • Capital FM created an innovative campaign that urged listeners to actively engage with their music. Whenever Justin Beiber's tracks played on the station, digital billboards across London told listeners which song was playing, and the album the song comes from, prompting them to buy the track or stream the album from their phone. • Shortlist: Media (1) DATA FOR MEDIA EXECUTION ADDITIONAL CASES Watch video Watch video Watch video KLEENEX, SOMEONE NEEDS ONE Kimberly-Clark • Kleenex triggered perfectly targeted meaningful moments via Facebook by repurposing itself as a gesture of care. By utilising empathy via social media, it identified audiences predisposed to positive content based on Facebook insights and data and launched videos to their newsfeed accordingly. • Shortlist: Media (1) HOUSE OF CLICKS Hemnet • Hemnet converted big data into brick and mortar. Data scientists analysed over 200 million clicks to the website and gave the information to two revered architects who, in turn, designed a 1.5 storey home. • Gold: PR (1); Silver: Media (1), Cyber (1); Bronze: PR (1)
  15. 15. #5 TECH: A HIJACKING WEAPON By tweaking the technology and hijacking the conversation or the media space, brands were able to create new advertising moments. They demanded the attention of consumers by enriching interactions with existing platforms. Winning examples: Twitter Refugees, Breakvertising, Celebrity Tantrum, Don’t Look Away
  16. 16. TWITTER REFUGEES: Passop TECH: A HIJACKING WEAPON Watch video Results: Silver- Media (1) Passop built an automated engine to hijack the conversation surrounding the global refugee crisis. It found comments on Twitter containing the word “refugee” and replaced it with the words “human being”, tweeting it back to the sender, and reminding the world of the weight of our words.
  17. 17. TECH: A HIJACKING WEAPON ADDITIONAL CASES Watch video BREAKVERTISING Continental Foods Belgium • Instead of watching a frozen frame during paused on demand, live, or recorded content, Continental Foods showed viewers amusing ads of a fictional character “Royco”. An entirely new ad medium was developed, as the technology hadn’t yet existed, and ‘pause ads’ were born. • Silver: Media (1) Watch video Watch video DON’T LOOK AWAY Usher • To symbolise the way media and the public quickly move on to the next news story instead of acknowledging lives lost from racial profiling and violence, Usher created a music video that stopped playing when people looked away. Using facial recognition technology, activated through a webcam, viewers were forced to stare victims in the eye to fully grasp the gravity of the situation. • Gold: Entertainment for Music, Bronze: Media (1), Radio (1), Film (1) CELEBRITY TANTRUM Samsung Australian • Samsung created device detecting technology to directly target people using a competitor device and deliver the message that only the Tab S2 had a screen worthy of quality entertainment. Thanks to the technology a specific tantrum was tailored to the device providing a highly specified experience. • Silver: Media (1), Promo & Activation (1); Bronze: Mobile (1)
  19. 19. SMS LAST WORDS: Global Road Safety Partnership Watch video Results: Gold- Media (1) Global Road Safety Partnership created a campaigned that brought the tangible reality of texting and driving to life. They collected 350 mobile phones from actual people who had died from doing so, and displayed them, revealing the specific text conversations at the moment of the accident, in an outdoor exhibition. HAVAS WW SHANGAI
  20. 20. HOLIDAYS ON DEMAND: Transavia LES GAULOIS Watch video Transavia Airlines partnered with CanalPlay, the leader of SVOD in France, to create Holidays on Demand, a simple viewing option available alongside each movie in the platform catalogue. Those who selected the option discovered they could not only watch the movie, but also instantly get the plane ticket and live it. Gladiator would lead to Rome, Notting Hill to London, and Casablanca to… Casablanca. Overall, more than 120 movies were linked to Transavia destinations. Results: Bronze- Media (1)
  21. 21. PIZZA LEGENDS: Domino’s Watch video Results: Shortlist- Media (1) Domino’s developed a more exciting way to personalise a pizza. It allowed customers to choose their own toppings, while also naming, faming, and entering their pizza in the Legends Hall of Fame. Their unique Pizza Legend code could then be shared with friends and purchased. ARENA MEDIA- UK
  22. 22. THANK YOU