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The outsider (horror)


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The outsider (horror)

  1. 1. The Outsider
  2. 2. Genre: HorrorDirector: Alexandre AjaLocation: Quiet town in the countrySetting: Dark and eeryActors: Cillian Murphy (Josef) Christian Bale (The Outsider) Keira Knightley (Josef’s wife, Penelope)
  3. 3. The outsider is Christian who moves to a quiet townwith no one knowing who he is, or what hisintentions are. He stands out as he brings money tothe town, and things start to noticeably change forthe inhabitants of the town. Cillian plays the role ofJosef, who does everything in his power to find outChristian’s secret, making him a sworn enemy ofCillian’s. Keira Knightley who plays Cillian’swife, falls in love with Christian, making Cillian’sintentions even darker towards Christian. The filmincludes a murder, when Cillian discovers his wife’ssecret, he kills Christian, leaving no trace it was him.