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'Stake out' script breakdown


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'Stake out' script breakdown

  1. 1. The ScriptStake Out
  2. 2. SCENE 1 Murder Scene (examining the body in the morgue)Cast on set SettingRosalie Hattie Freer Sound proof roomDetective Barnes – Michael BarnesCoroner– Grace JonesThe Body – Ali Hussian
  3. 3. SCENE 2 In the office talking to the boss – finding out who it the person is that’s been killed, suspects?Cast on set SettingRosalie – Hattie Freer Old classroom in collegeDetective Barnes – MichaelBarnesThe Boss- Eric Welsche
  4. 4. SCENE 3 At the murder scene and Detective Barnes finds Rosalie’s bracelet Soliloquy by Detective Barnes – suspecting his fellow detectiveCast On Set SettingDetective Barnes – Michael Barnes Under the archRosalie – Hattie FreerThe Body
  5. 5. SCENE 4 Interrogations taking place Results from the lab - piecing together what information they haveCast On Set SettingDetective Barnes – Michael BarnesRosalie - Hattie Freer Old room in collegeLaboratory person – RoseDonaldsonSuspects – Media Students
  6. 6. SCENE 5 Murder by Rosalie Back at the office, discussing the murders and Detective Barnes notices blood on her collarCast On Set SettingRosalie –Hattie Freer Murder ScenesDetective Barnes – Michael Barnes An old room in collegeThe Victim – Mark Harrison
  7. 7. SCENE 6 Detective Barnes and the Boss talking he expresses his suspicions about the case Detective Barnes and The Boss Stake Out Rosalie – She notices them leaving the 4th murder undone Boss does not believe Detective Barnes about Rosalie and his suspicions - argumentCast On Set SettingDetective Barnes Around GuisboroughThe Boss – Eric Welsche Old room at collegeRosalie – Hattie FreerBy-stander
  8. 8. SCENE 7 Detective leaves all his evidence on the Bosses desk and goes to confront Rosalie Confrontation – Flashbacks of evidence and her pastCast On Set SettingDetective Barnes Old room at collegeRosalie – Hattie Freer Isolated area outside