Competitor Analysis For Gujarat Samachar


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here is we have done a competitor analysis for gujarat samachar, a regional language news paper in gujarat.

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Competitor Analysis For Gujarat Samachar

  1. 1. Competitor analysis for Gujarat Samachar Strategic Management-I Prepared by: Hitesh Kumar Gaur Institute of management, Nirma University Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  2. 2. Competitor Analysis for Gujarat Samachar Analysis of Sandesh as a competitor of Gujarat Samachar. 1. Goal( Existing and future) & competitive strength: Currently it’s the market leader in the Surat market with circulation of 1.44 lakh • newspapers, it has basic plan of maintaining this lead as the competition is closing in. Till the time Divya Bhaskar has launched, it is used to be duopoly in the market. The • leader in Ahmedabad market is Gujarat Samachar. The other markets are also almost equally divided between this two, with Gujarat Samachar having upper hand. Emphasis on strict quality control. • It is basically a regional player in Gujarat and has no major planning for expansion. • It is listed on major stock exchange and is known for a rich dividend payout. • Has also diversified in business of healthcare which has no synergy with its core business • of print media. Have all India marketing network. • Wide distribution network at every corner of Gujarat. • 2. Strategic positioning and behavior: Its strategy is mainly defensive and oriented towards saving its own turf. • It has always responded positively to the competition. Initially it reduced the prices to • counter the onslaught of Divya Bhaskar. After sometime it brought back the prize to initial level which shows that it’s not very much ready for the price war. They also increased number of color pages to counter. • It has innovated in the form of gift coupon scheme which was quickly followed by the • competitors. It is a regional player and has no plan for national role out. •
  3. 3. Analysis of Divya Bhaskar as a competitor of Gujarat Samachar: 1. Goal( Existing and future) & competitive strength: Divya Bhaskar is a new entrant in Gujarat market; it is a big player nationally with a • financial strength of INR 1000 crores. Its clear goal is to be a market leader. It has already done that in market of Jaipur and • Ahmedabad. Due to its deep pockets it can indulge in price war. This company has revolutionized print media business in Gujarat market, by its • innovation and offensive attitude. It is a publicly held company but majority stake is still owned by the owner family. • Gujarat market is given high importance by the head quarters. • It’s not targeting main city (Surat) market but also market around it. • 2. Strategic positioning and behavior: It acknowledges itself as a new player and is willing to make radical shifts in its strategy. • It has priced itself at INR 1.5 which is 25% cheaper than other prevalent newspaper at • the time of introduction. It has applied strategy of unbiased news and public opinion driven newspaper at a low • price with a lot of innovative offers like ‘chali tumhari marji’. It has high level of customer contact program which surveys customer as well as • generates a set of captive customer before the launch of newspaper in any city. It assumes competitors to be reactive. • It is a national player as having effective presence in 8 states with 21 editions. •