Design steps of structure.


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design steps

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  • Design steps of structure.

    1. 1. Steps for Structural Design
    2. 2. OBJECTIVE` OF STRUCURAL DESIGN Structure design should satisfy the criteria of ultimate strength. Structure should satisfy the serviceability. It should satisfy the stability against overturning , sliding , and buckling.
    3. 3. Information required before starting the structural design 1. A set of Architectural Drawings 2. Soil investigation report 3. Location in order to decide on wind and seismic loadings
    4. 4. ASSUMPTION AND NOTATION ASSUMED • The notation adopted throughout the work is same as in IS 456-2000 • Partial safety factors for loads is in accordance with clause 36.4 of IS 456-2000 • Partial safety factor for material in accordance with clause 36.4.2 IS 456-2000 is taken as 1.5 for concrete and 1.15 for steel.
    5. 5. Design Step
    6. 6. Step 1: Elementary survey Location & Zone Dimension of plot Soil properties
    7. 7. Step 2: Architectural drawings. Study the plan for slab, beam, column. Select suitable dimensions for structural elements If need any improvement in architectural drawing then discuss with architect.
    8. 8. Step 3:Design of Slabs. The slabs are designed as oneway or two-way panels, taking the edge conditions of the supporting edges into account. The design of floor slab is carried out as per clause 24.4 & 37.1.2 & Annexure D of IS: 456-2000 Control of Deflection can be checked as per clause 23.2.1, 24.1 & Fig 4. of the IS:456-2000
    9. 9. Step 4: Design of Beams. The beams are designed as continuous beams, monolithic with reinforced concrete columns with their far ends assumed fixed. The whole process of designing the beam is as per Clause 23 of IS:456
    10. 10. Step 5: Design of columns. • Columns are designed as per Clause 25 of IS 456:2000 • Column should be designed as axial member.
    11. 11. Step 6: Create engineering drawings. Create and generate the foundation plan. Create and generate the roof plan. We have to show only structural components of the building – columns, beams and slabs.
    12. 12. Step 7: Final check and submission. Check all design calculations and drawings. Remember to put your name and your partners names on all documents and drawings. Notes can be rough – they do not need to be typed – but please make sure that all of your notes are neat and legible.