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Sight words 9


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Sight words 9

  1. 1. Sight Words-9 by Hatice Oncel
  2. 2. vilify To speak evil of; to make abusive statements about. Most students praise him, but a few vilify him.-verb
  3. 3. untenable Unable to be defended; insupportable If three people in four no longer support the government, isn't this an untenable situation
  4. 4. clamor A loud outcry; hubbub; loud noise .verb-noun The children were all clamouring for attention. the clamour of the city
  5. 5. uniform Unvarying; all or always the same. Noun-adj As in so many offices that you see, the walls and furniture are a uniform grey
  6. 6. contract To become smaller; become compressed In spoken English, 'do not' often contracts to 'don't'. As it cooled, the metal contracted.
  7. 7. duplicity Deceit- noun They were accused of duplicity in their dealings with both sides.
  8. 8. equivocal Vague; open to more than one interpretation and often intended to mislead-adj His words to the press were deliberately equivocal - he didn't deny the reports but neither did he confirm them
  9. 9. irresolute Unable to decide; undecided-adj an irresolute reply
  10. 10. rescind To cancel; take back; to repeal -verb The policy of charging air travellers for vegetarian meals proved unpopular and has already been rescinded .
  11. 11. stagnant Motionless; not fresh-adj Stagnant pond; a stagnant economy