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Finland presentation


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Finland presentation

  1. 1. There is a kingdom called Bugundy. The kings and their sister(Kriemhild) live at the court in Worms, the capital of the kingdom. They have faithful friends such as Hagen of Troy, the singer Folker from Alzey and so on.
  2. 2. One night, beautiful Kriemhild has a dream. In her dream, two eagles kill a falcon. Her mother, Uta, thinks the falcon as her lover. Then Kriemhild decides never to fall in love because she believes her lover will die.
  3. 3. Soon after, Siegfried of Xanten, wants to see this charming queen (Kriemhild) at the court, so he decides to go there. On his way, he finds the treasure of the Nibelungs, including the sword Balmung and the Cloak of Darkness (which makes its owner invisible). This makes him the king of the Nibelungs. He also kills a dragon and he bathes in his blood. That makes him invulnerable
  4. 4. At first, Siegfried decides to be Kriemhild’s brother Gunther's servant. Then he takes the place of him in the war and gains his trust. Later, Gunther asks him to win strong Brunhild of Isenland for him. Siegfried accepts only under one condition. He wants to marry Kriemhild (the queen). The Cloak of Darkness makes it easy for Siegfried to win Brunhild
  5. 5. A double wedding is performed. Brunhild senses that the man in her bedchamber is not her true husband. She ties him and hangs him up at the wall. Siegfried helps once again, taking her belt away from her. The conflict seems determined. Siegfried and Kriemhild set off for Xanten.
  6. 6. Years later, Brunhild presses them to return for a visit, wondering why Gunther's soldier hasn't been at the court for such a long time to serve his master. Shortly after their arrival, the furious quarrel breaks out between the ladies, which peaks in front of the Cathedral. When Brunhild, being the King's wife, claims to enter the church in front of the soldier’s wife, Kriemhild reveals that it was Siegfried who defeats her and shows her the belt as proof. Schocked by Brunhild's grief, Hagen decides to take revenge for the humiliation of his king's wife. He fakes a war and talks Kriemhild into sewing a patch on Siegfried's coat marking the only spot where the hero remained vulnerable.
  7. 7. The so-called war takes place in the nearby Odenwald forest. When Siegfried bends to drink the water of a fountain, Hagen kills him from behind with his spear. The next day Kriemhild finds the dead body in front of her room. When Hagen later passes the coffin in the Cathendreal, the wounds of the dead body open up again , and Kriemhild recognises the murderer.
  8. 8. The frustrated widow swears to herself to take the treasure and find new friends and enemies. To prevent this, Hagen steals the treasure and throws it into the Rhine. Kriemhild stays sad about the death of Siegfried for many years until Rudeger of Bechelaren visits Worms and and asks for her hand on behalf of Etzel, king of the Huns. She goes to the land of the Huns and becomes Etzel's wife. Years later, she invites her brothers and their followers to Hungary.
  9. 9. Although Hagen warns them not to go, the Burgundians go to Hungary. While they are crossing the river Danube, three wise water nymphs tell him that none ofthe Burgundians but the priest will survive the travel. To see for himself whether it is true, Hagen throws the priest into the other side. After a pleasant stay in Bechelaren, the Nibelungs arrive at Etzel's castle. Kriemhild gives them a cool welcome , and it is obvious that she still thinks of revenge. Hagen and Folker can prevent her first plans, but eventually a brutal massacre takes its course only sparing Gunther and Hagen on the Burgundian side. To make Hagen tell her the place where he threw the treasure into Rhine, Kriemhild kills her brother Gunther.
  10. 10. Similarities between two stories • In both stories, there is a treasure/Sampo that everyone wants to have and fights over, which is supposedly the key to wealth but brings only misery to the people fighting for it. • The heroes in both stories fight for their loves. They experienced a lot of adventures. • In both stories, a woman tries to take revenge (Louhi, Kriemhild) • Both stories don’t finish with happy ending.