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Social media in The airlines Business, 2011, 2nd Journey

Social Media customer relations & loyalty program in the Airlines

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Social media in The airlines Business, 2011, 2nd Journey

  1. 1. Agenda Social Media Growth Airlines Plans for Social Media Airlines Benefits from Social Media Social Media Customer Relations & Loyalty Program Case Studies Social Media Simple Strategy
  2. 2. Social Media Growth - Facebook • 1st largest Social web on the Internet • 2nd largest site on the Internet • 700,000,000 users in the world ( May 2011 ) • +280,000 Saudis joined facebook in Jan 2011 ( 2011) • +9,000 Saudis register to facebook daily • 61 % of global companies using FacebookCompanies with Facebook Source : e-Consultancy 20116/19/2011
  3. 3. Social Media Growth - YouTube• 2nd largest social web on the Internet• 3rd largest site on the Internet• KSA ranks the highest in the world in YouTube• 2 billions views / day• 700 billion views, 2010• 15 hours video uploaded every minutes• 57 % of global companies using YouTube6/19/2011 Source : e-Consultancy 2011
  4. 4. Social Media Growth - Twitter• 3rd largest social web on the Internet• +300 million users in the world• 460,000 new accounts /day.• 182%. Increase in number of mobile users in 2010• 77 % of global companies using Twitter Companies with Twitter Source : e-Consultancy 20116/19/2011
  5. 5. Airlines Plans for Social Media 80 % of Airlines reach or plan to reach passengers via social media by 2014 69% of airlines sell or plan to sell tickets via social media by 2014 Source :Airlines Business & SITA
  6. 6. Airlines in The Social Media ( Facebook & Twitter )Percentage of Followers ( facebook vs. twitter )in some airline companies 6/19/2011
  7. 7. Benefits of Social Media to the Airline Industry • Increase revenue and sales • Reduce cost • Increase brand awareness and engagement • Improve service levels • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty • Better understand your buyers • Increase web site traffic • Enhance multichannel campaign efforts6/19/2011
  8. 8. Social Media Customer Relations & Loyalty Program
  9. 9. Frequent Fliers are heavy users of Social Media Source :Simpliflying
  10. 10. What REALLY drives loyalty?the Most importantfactors are customerservice, earningloyalty points andonboard experience. Source :Simpliflying
  11. 11. Would they join a social media loyalty program? How ?70 % Said “ yes “ Source :Simpliflying
  12. 12. Case-study Alaska Airlines : FlySocial6/19/2011
  13. 13. Alaska Airlines’FlyingSocial Facebookapplication allows youto see on a map whereyour Facebook friendslive.Then it super-imposesfares to thosedestinations on theairline, and you caneither buy or share witha friend.
  14. 14. you can view available fareson the monthly calendar, byschedule or price. You thencan continue shopping andbook your flight.
  15. 15. Case-study Estonian Air : Social AirScore6/19/2011
  16. 16. Virtual Loyalty ProgramThe customers can berewarded for advocacywithout even having to flythe airline.
  17. 17. The customers can Choosetheir Class and choose whatthey need from promotionaloffers
  18. 18. Case-study Delta Airlines: “@DeltaAssist”6/19/2011
  19. 19. A) Guarantee a reply within 10 min on Twitter, because customers don’t like waitingB) To serve customer complaints and questions promptlyC) Dedicate 10 people to social media customer serviceD) Create a Spanish language twitter feed to serve its Spanish-speaking audiences, and (at least occasionally) Portuguese-speaking too
  20. 20. Delta’s followers and indeed Delta Airlines has a separatenumber of tweets themselves have Twitter channels to listen anddoubled in the six months from respond to customers.March.March 2011Sep 2011 Source:
  21. 21. Social Media Simple Strategy Align Social Media Objectives with Business Goals Establish Social Media Office Creating Social Media guidelines & policies Social Media Measurement & Monitoring
  22. 22. Social Media Office (Centralized vs. Decentralized)  Centralized ModelAdvantages Disadvantages Model of some Staff airlinesComplete Control over The Built it from scratch AirAsia 4MessageComplete Control over The Bureaucratic style KLM 23InformationComplete Control over The Virgin America 2ExecutionComplete Control over TheContent & Data
  23. 23. Social Media Office (Centralized vs. Decentralized)  Decentralized ModelAdvantages Disadvantages Model of some Staff airlinesBuilt it over existing program Absence of strong Delta 19 leadershipDeep insight into specific Collaboration is not Southwest Airlines 4market simple JetBlue 34
  24. 24. Social Media Guidelines & Polices Who will write and revise it ?R = responsible; A = accountable; C = consulted; I = involved Source : Gartner 2011
  25. 25. Social Media Measurement & Monitoring Assessing Your Social Media measurement & monitoring Priorities. Evaluating Social Media measurement & monitoring Vendors Select The tools Source : Forrester Q4 2011