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online startups metrics

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online startups metrics

  1. 1. Digital Marketing ‫الرقمي‬ ‫التسويق‬ OnlineStartups Metrics
  2. 2. Digital Marketing ‫الرقمي‬ ‫التسويق‬ Hatem Kameli, Founder of:
  3. 3. Digital Marketing ‫الرقمي‬ ‫التسويق‬ Outlines Introduction Analytics & Types Of Metrics Startups Analytics Framework Startups Business Model Mapping Business Model & Analytics Framework Tools
  4. 4. How to get things built properly (in theory)
  5. 5. People love this part (but that’s not always a good thing!) This is where things start to fall apart. No data, no learning. Build Measure Learn seems so easy! Everyone has great ideas, right?
  6. 6. we’re all liars.
  7. 7. we’re all liars.
  8. 8. A good metric is: Understandable If you’re busy explaining the data, you won’t be busy acting on it. Comparative Active Users vs. Active Users/ month Ratio / Rate % MonthlyActive Users Behavior Changing You’ll know how you’ll change your business based on what the metric tells you.
  9. 9. Types of Metrics
  10. 10. Vanity vs. Actionable metrics Vanity Actionable Makes you feel good but doesn’t change how you’ll act. “Up and to the right.” Helps you pick a direction and change your behavior. These are good.
  11. 11. Hits A metric from the early, foolish days of the Web. Count people instead. Page views Marginally better than hits. Unless you’re displaying ad inventory, count people. Visits Is this one person visiting a hundred times, or are a hundred people visiting once? Fail. Unique visitors This tells you nothing about what they did, why they stuck around, or if they left. Followers/friends/l ikes Count actions instead. Find out how many followers will do your bidding. Time on site, or pages/visit Poor version of engagement. Lots of time spent on support pages is actually a bad sign. Emails collected How many recipients will act on what’s in them? Number of downloads Outside app stores, downloads alone don’t lead to lifetime value. Measure activations/active accounts.
  12. 12. Qualitative vs. Quantitative metrics Qualitative Quantitative Numbers and stats; hard facts, but less insights. Unstructured, anecdotal, revealing, hard to aggregate. Warm and fuzzy. Cold and hard.
  13. 13. Lagging vs. Leading metrics Lagging Leading Historical metric that shows you how you’re doing: reports the news. Number today that shows a metric tomorrow: makes the news. Start here. Try and get here.
  14. 14. Examples of leadingmetrics A Facebook user reaching 7 friends within 10 days of signing up. (Chamath Palihapitiya) A Dropbox user who puts at least 1 file in 1 folder on 1 device. (ChenLi Wang) A Twitter user who follows a certain number of people, and a certain percentage of those people follow the user back. (Josh Elman) A LinkedIn user getting to X connections in Y days. (Elliot Schmukler)
  15. 15. 1. People who install the Chrome extension 2. People who connect more than 1 social account 3. People who share 15 pieces of content in 7 days CASESTUDY Buffer discovered 3 leading metrics
  16. 16. Startups Analytics Framework
  17. 17. EricRies’ Three engines Virality Make people invite friends How many they tell, how fast they tell them Price Spend revenue getting customers Customers are worth more than they cost to get Stickiness Keep people coming back Approach Get customers faster than you lose them Math that matters
  18. 18. Sean Ellis’ Startup growth pyramid Scale growth Stack the odds Product/market fit Decide what you sell to whom, then prove it. Find a defensible unfair advantage and tweak it. Step on the gas in new markets, products, channels.
  19. 19. Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue How do your users become aware of you? Do drive-by visitors subscribe, use, etc.? Does a one time user become engaged? Do users promote your product? Do you make money from user activity?
  20. 20. Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue Unique Visitors # of Pages # of Clicks Time on Site Visitors by Source & Cost Best Performing Source Unique Visitors – Sign-up Sign-up Conversion New Account Creation Opt-in Conversion Email Click-Through Conversion Logs in 3 Times of More Returns to CompleteProfile Returns to Share Returns to Use XFeature Length of Use Shares via Email Shares via Social Posts to FB, LinkedIn, Twitter Invites Referral Conversion Paid Conversion Leads bySource Leads to Sales Conversion Activation to Sales Conversion Sales Revenue Identify and track your key metrics – run experiments to improve
  21. 21. The Lean Analytics Stages Empathy You’ve found a real, poorly-met need that a reachable market faces. You’ve figured out how to solve the problem in a way that users will adopt, keep using and pay for. Your users and features fuel growth organically and artificially. You’ve found a sustainable, scalable business with the right margins in a healthy ecosystem. STAGE GATE Stickiness Virality Revenue Scale
  22. 22. The Lean Analytics Stages Empathy You’ve found a real, poorly-met need that a reachable market faces. You’ve figured out how to solve the problem in a way that users will adopt, keep using and pay for. right margins in a healthy ecosystem. STAGE GATE Stickiness Virality Revenue Scale Your users and features fuel growth organically and artificially. Most products (and You’ve found a sussttaarintuabples,)scfaalialbaletbthusisinesswith the point.
  23. 23. traction time Product/Market Fit Find a product the market wants. Empathy Stickness Virality Revenue Scale
  24. 24. MProduct/ traction arket Fit time 83% of all startups are in here. Empathy Stickness Virality Revenue Scale
  25. 25. Startups Business Model
  26. 26. 6BusinessModels
  27. 27. E-CommerceMetrics Visits Source of visits Conversion rate Customer Acquisition Cost Average Order Value Transactions Life Time Value Abandonment Customer Retention
  28. 28. MobileAppMetrics Downloads Launch Rate Active Users DAU & MAU Conversion rate to paid Engagement Rate Churn Rate ARPU CAC
  29. 29. SaaSMetrics Web visits Source of Visits Conversion Rate Retention rate Invitations / Referral rate Users Churn Rate ARPU CAC & LTV
  30. 30. MediaMetrics Web visits Source of Visits Subscribers CTR Ads Impressions Returning Visits Content Rate CPM
  31. 31. UGCMetrics Visits Users Active Users Invitations / Referral rate Content Sharing Content Creation Churn Rate Ads Impression CAC
  32. 32. 2SidedMarketMetrics Visits Buyers Sellers Transactions Conversion Rate Active Buyers & Sellers Referral rate - sharing Inventory Growth CAC / LTV
  33. 33. Mapping Business Model & Metrics
  34. 34. TheOneMetricThatMatters (OMTM) E-Com SaaS The business you’re in Mobile 2-Sided Media UCG Thestageyou’reat Empathy Stickiness Virality Revenue Scale
  35. 35. The One Metric That Matters ( OMTM )
  36. 36. # of transactions (for merchants) # of nights booked sales total time reading monthly active users monthly recurring revenue (MRR) Examples of OMTM
  37. 37. Tools
  38. 38. Identify a key business problem, pick the OMTM, draw a line in the sand, and get started.
  39. 39. Q&A
  40. 40. Hatemkameli Hatemkameli +966563034939