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Social Media for Events


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Live tweeting, webcasting, Storify, hashtags - what do I need to know about using social media before, during, and after events?

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Social Media for Events

  1. 1. Social Media For Events Stephanie Leishman Social Media and Email Marketing Specialist
 MIT Communication Production Services ! 12 March 2014 ! Twitter @hatchsteph #mitcps
  2. 2. #mitcps Objectives • Understand what to do before, during, and after an event • Discover tools and approaches to support your efforts
  3. 3. #mitcps Examples of events • Multi-day conference • Exhibit opening • Lecture • Career fair • Panel of experts • All-day festival • Inauguration • Open house • Holiday or anniversary • Webcast Some events are small, others large. ! Some last an hour, others last multiple days. ! Some are outdoors, others occur in a lecture hall.
  4. 4. #mitcps Before your event Do as much as possible in advance. ! Plan. Schedule content. Obtain help.
  5. 5. #mitcps Graphics for social media
  6. 6. #mitcps Facebook event
  7. 7. #mitcps Event marketing via social networks
  8. 8. #mitcps Print materials
  9. 9. #mitcps Print materials Wake Forest University included the event hashtag on their commencement program (May 2013).
  10. 10. #mitcps Schedule content that can be scheduled Examples: • Morning-of tweet welcoming participants • Photo or image of the program • Facts about the program or speaker
  11. 11. #mitcps WiFi To engage on social, many of your participants will need good, strong WiFi. You will have mobile users with data, but others may use computers and tablets. Make sure people know the username and password. If you are live-posting for an event that you did not plan, make sure you have access to WiFi or use a data plan with a mobile carrier.
  12. 12. #mitcps Figure out your camera-to-social situation Will you take photos? What camera or smartphone camera will you use? How will you get the photos to social?
  13. 13. #mitcps Prepare for battery issues Using your smartphone’s camera eats up a lot of battery. Start the event with a full battery on your laptop, phone, camera, tablet or any other technology you might use, and bring chargers.
  14. 14. #mitcps Have links ready Shorten and save all the links that you or someone else will mention during the event. One way to do this is to save them all in a bundle, but you can also shorten and save them in a text file or note you can easily access and copy from.
  15. 15. #mitcps Twitter lists Create Twitter lists so you don’t have to hunt down handles: • Speakers and panelists • Attendees • Organizations you know the speakers will mention • Influencers, press, etc.
  16. 16. #mitcps Twitter handles In some cases, a recurring, large event that will be live- tweeting actively can have its own account (e.g., @mitcommencement). In almost all cases, one-time events should not have their own Twitter handle. Each year of a recurring event should not have its own handle.
  17. 17. #mitcps Twitter handles The month of your event is not the time to start a department Twitter handle. If you want to use Twitter for events, your department should get on Twitter and use it actively and consistently for at least several months.
  18. 18. #mitcps LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook group Create a group where conference participants can network and discuss ideas relevant to the event.
  19. 19. #mitcps Set up your HootSuite dashboard Don’t try to flip back and forth between your mentions, home feed, hashtag search, Instagram posts, discussions, etc. Set up your dashboard ahead of time.
  20. 20. #mitcps Be prepared If you can, get as much information as possible beforehand. This includes: • Speech transcripts • Program or agenda
  21. 21. #mitcps Hashtag Set a hashtag well before the event and include it in your marketing materials, as well as in all the materials for the event itself. • Start tracking it before you or anyone starts using it. Use HootSuite archive, Hashtracking, or another service. • Choose an easy-to-remember hashtag. Short. Memorable. You may want to use the same hashtag for a recurring event so people start to expect it (e.g., #MLtalks). • Make sure no one else is using this hashtag!
  22. 22. #mitcps Provide social maps Use Pinterest to show conference participants visuals of session locations, to provide a self-guided tour of campus, or to share ideas on where to eat.
  23. 23. #mitcps During the event It’s not just about using social networks (like Facebook or Twitter); it’s about using social principles and social technologies throughout the event.
  24. 24. #mitcps Live tweeting It’s intense. Depending on the size of the event and activity of your Twitter following, you may need to divide the work between two people or adjust your schedule to give it your full attention.
  25. 25. #mitcps Questions via Twitter If you choose to take questions via Twitter, announce at the beginning of the session that you will be doing this, not at the beginning of Q&A part of your session. Remind participants of the hashtag.
  26. 26. #mitcps Display the hashtag everywhere • On each slide • In the program • On posters • On screens • On the wall The announcer/moderator should mention it often. 
 Also, make sure the participants know your social accounts.
  27. 27. #mitcps Twitterfall
  28. 28. #mitcps Twitterfall
  29. 29. #mitcps VisibleTweets
  30. 30. #mitcps Tagboard What a claimed tagboard looks like
  31. 31. #mitcps Tagboard What an unclaimed tagboard looks like
  32. 32. #mitcps Tintup
  33. 33. #mitcps Your own solution
  34. 34. #mitcps Your own solution
  35. 35. #mitcps Engagement means you, too Don’t expect followers to post during an event if you don’t. Here’s a good example: getfit@mit posted at the start of their event.
  36. 36. #mitcps Engagement means you, too Engage with your followers in meaningful ways.
  37. 37. #mitcps Engagement means you, too I take engagement seriously!
  38. 38. #mitcps Provide opportunities for content creation Getfit photo booth
  39. 39. #mitcps After the event Events can live forever
  40. 40. #mitcps Storify
  41. 41. #mitcps YouTube
  42. 42. #mitcps Flickr
  43. 43. #mitcps Flickr Image: UTPL Unidad de Gestión de la Comunicación

  44. 44. #mitcps SoundCloud
  45. 45. #mitcps Blog posts Summarize the main points of an event for your followers and continue the discussion.
  46. 46. #mitcps Integrate social into articles
  47. 47. #mitcps Events that take place on social media It still takes planning
  48. 48. #mitcps Google Hangouts Sandy Pentland, Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
  49. 49. #mitcps Twitter chats Although Twitter chats happen in the moment, you will plan them ahead; even interviews. A Twitter chat can be the event, or can precede or follow an in-person or webcast event.
  50. 50. Stephanie Leishman Twitter: @hatchsteph