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Images and Social Media - Why?


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Images and Social Media - Why?

  1. 1. Communication Production ServicesSocial Media and Images:Why Images are ImportantStephanie HatchSocial Media andEmail Marketing SpecialistMIT Communication Production ServicesMay 2013Twitter @hatchstephInstagram @stephaniehatchEmail hatch_s@mit.eduBlog
  2. 2. Communication Production Serviceswhy@mitpics
  3. 3. Communication Production Services“Doing a quick search online, youwill find hundreds of studies provinghow pictures trigger a mentalresponse from the brain faster andwith more impact than text.”Saman KouretchianMarketing consultant
  4. 4. Communication Production Services“Images often allow us to explain,simplify, or expand concepts in ways thatare very difficult to do (if even possible)with text—or even with spoken words.”Robert LaneAuthor, “Relational Presentation: A Visually Interactive Approach”Dr. Stephen KosslynChair, Department of Psychology, HarvardArticle:
  5. 5. In general, postswith images getmore likes
  6. 6. Most likes
  7. 7. Communication Production Services“Engagement rate onFacebook for photos averages0.37% where text only is 0.27%(this translates to a 37% higherlevel of engagement for photosover text).”Jeff BullasSocial media consultantand public speaker
  8. 8. Communication Production ServicesMIT’s Facebook page:“talking about this” April 11-May 810%20%70%Photo Text Link35%40%25%Photo Text LinkTop 20 postswith most engagementPosts with muchless engagement
  9. 9. Communication Production ServicesImages take upmore space inthe news feed- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  10. 10. Communication Production Services“Optimize your socialcontent to break through theclutter with images.”Krista NeherAuthor of Social Media Field Guide
  11. 11. 1 like per 176 impressions1 share per 1,534 impressions1 like per 77 impressions1 share per 603 impressionsImages get more likesper impression
  12. 12. Communication Production ServicesPinterestIf your page doesn’t have images, it can’t be pinned.“The lack of images on our website made it difficult forfans to share the report.” - Krista Neher, author of Social Media Field GuideWhat happened when I tried to pin a page (because it had no images):
  13. 13. Communication Production ServicesTwo types of attention are utilized in the selectiveattention process—bottom upand top down.Bottom-up attention is automatically guided toimages that stand out from a background byvirtue of color, shape or motion, such as abillboard on a highway. Top-down attentionoccurs when ones focus is consciously shifted tolook for a known target in a visual scene, as whensearching for a relative in a,
  14. 14. Communication Production Services“A picture can enhance the ability to rememberconcepts and details, and such an effect tends toincrease over time. One study showed that illustratedtext was 9 percent more effective than text alone whencomprehension was tested right away, but that it was83 percent more effective when the test was delayed,thus implying the reader’s ability to remember theinformation better later, because of the illustration.”Robert LaneAuthor, “Relational Presentation: A Visually Interactive Approach”Dr. Stephen KosslynChair, Department of Psychology, HarvardArticle: