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Images and Social media - Where and How to Post


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Images and Social media - Where and How to Post

  1. 1. Communication Production ServicesImages and Social Media:How and Where to PostStephanie HatchSocial Media andEmail Marketing SpecialistMIT Communication Production Services8 May 2013Twitter @hatchstephInstagram @stephaniehatchEmail hatch_s@mit.eduBlog
  2. 2. Communication Production Services“Doing a quick search online youwill find hundreds of studies provinghow pictures trigger a mentalresponse from the brain faster andwith more impact than text.”Saman KouretchianMarketing consultant
  3. 3. Communication Production Serviceshow
  4. 4. Communication Production Services&where
  5. 5. Communication Production Services
  6. 6. Communication Production ServicesPinterest: Technology ReviewCreateboards fullof images
  7. 7. Communication Production ServicesPinterest: BrownHighlight content onyour website andcurate into topics orcategories
  8. 8. Communication Production ServicesPinterest: MIT Museum
  9. 9. Communication Production Services
  10. 10. Communication Production ServicesFlickr: CPS photo library
  11. 11. Communication Production ServicesFlickr: tags, titles, and descriptionsSearch: “MIT physics”There are millions ofphotos on Flickr, somany users search tobrowse. Use tags,titles, and descriptionsto make sure yourimages come up inmore searches.
  12. 12. Communication Production Services
  13. 13. Communication Production ServicesInstagram: @mitpics
  14. 14. Communication Production ServicesInstagram: @mitsap
  15. 15. Communication Production ServicesInstagram• Can only upload via iPhone or Android• Can view on and through HootSuite Pro• Pictures must be square• Filters and some editing tools• Photos that do best are unique and/or beautiful@mitmuseum
  16. 16. Communication Production ServicesInstagram: hashtags• Trending (#bostonstrong)• Ongoing trends (#throwbackthursday)• Local (#cambridgema, #boston, #MIT)• Contests (#WHP... [changes every weekend] @instagram)Users search through Instagram by referral, the news tab(to see what their friends are liking), and hashtags.
  17. 17. Communication Production Services
  18. 18. Communication Production ServicesFacebook: dimensions851 px315 px Cover photo160x160pxCover photoin news feed400 x 150 pxProfile photo
  19. 19. Communication Production ServicesFacebook: news feed400 pxWhenheightis <320Image dimensionsWhen heightis ≥ 320≤300 px320 x 320 pxWhen postedfrom Instagram
  20. 20. Communication Production ServicesFacebook: timeline505 x ≤380 pxOn profiletimeline(person)400 x 400 pxOn pagetimeline(department)Image dimensions
  21. 21. Communication Production ServicesFacebook profile:when I upload a 400x310-px imageOn timeline400x310 px 505x380 pxIf A were enlarged proportionally, itsdimensions would be 505 x 391 px.Therefore, on the timeline, thebottom of the image will be cut off.A BIn news feed
  22. 22. Communication Production ServicesFacebook profile:when I upload a 400x400-px imageIn news feed On timeline380 px320 px505 pxcropped
  23. 23. Communication Production ServicesInclude links with images- HubSpot blog“Our next logical step was to analyze how usingFacebook photos impacts link clicks, but we came toa staggering halt when we discovered that 60% ofthe photo/image posts in our sample didn’tinclude a link.This discovery not only reduced our sample sizeimmensely – making accurate clickthrough analysisimpossible – but it also highlighted a huge missedopportunity for marketers.”
  24. 24. Communication Production ServicesInclude links with imagesShorten those links!1) Avoid messy, long URLs2) Track clicks
  25. 25. 123
  26. 26. Communication Production Services115 clicks =FB: 72 clicks,m.FB: 43 clicksADon’t write too much or thelink will get cut off.
  27. 27. Communication Production Services144 clicks =FB: 115 clicks,m.FB: 29 clicksPost A Post B55kimpressions40kimpressions747 likes 423 likes115 clicks 144 clicksBThe link is notcut off in thisexample and itgot moreclicks.
  28. 28. Communication Production ServicesPost A Post BFacebook72Facebook115m.Facebook43m.Facebook29Total115Total144 clicksA on desktop browseron FacebookiPhone app
  29. 29. Communication Production ServicesPost A has more mobile clicks perbrowser clicks than post B. Usersare more likely to click on “ContinueReading” on mobile than “SeeMore” on desktop because thedesktop view includes more thanone post at a time, encouragingviewers to browse/skim withoutreading more. On mobile, viewersmust scroll through one post at atime, meaning they may be morelikely to give more attention to anindividual post and to “continuereading.”Facebook: mobile vs. desktop
  30. 30. Communication Production Services
  31. 31. Communication Production ServicesTwitter: dimensions436 pxIn the news feed282 px375 px
  32. 32. Communication Production ServicesTwitter: dimensionsSquare
  33. 33. Communication Production ServicesTwitter: tools for sharing (URL shorteners)
  34. 34. Communication Production ServicesTwitter:
  35. 35. Communication Production ServicesTwitpic
  36. 36. Communication Production ServicesHootSuite
  37. 37. Communication Production ServicesHootSuite
  38. 38. Communication Production ServicesTwitter: InstagramTwitter does not show Instagram photos inthe news feed. You must click on the link, whichwill take you to the photo on
  39. 39. Communication Production Services
  40. 40. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: news feed≤373 px≤497 px(The image can be viewed largerwhen you click to view the post)Thumbnailaccompanyinga link150 pxThe image will show up inthe news feed uncroppedand resized proportionallyto fit inside this rectangle.
  41. 41. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: news feedIf the image is adifferent size than,but still proportionalto, the rectangularpost space, it will fillthe space at497 x 373 pixels.
  42. 42. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: news feedIf the uploaded imageis not proportional to497 x 373 pixels, theimage is resized andcentered in therectangular postspace.One of the followingwill happen:1) The rest of therectangle is shadedwith light gray.
  43. 43. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: news feed2) The bottomboundary of therectangular spacewill move up to beflush with the image.
  44. 44. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: news feed
  45. 45. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: post
  46. 46. Communication Production ServicesGoogle+: animated gifsGizmodo: “how to make a gif in 5 easy steps”
  47. 47. Communication Production ServicesShare your ideasHow do you create images and how do you usethese different social networks? Share your ideas!