Enterprise social networking at MIT: Yammer


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Yammer is being used more and more at MIT. Join the conversation. This presentation included demos, so the slides might not address all of the objectives alone.

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Enterprise social networking at MIT: Yammer

  1. 1. Enterprise social networkingfor the MIT community: YammerStephanie HatchSocial Media and Email Marketing SpecialistMIT Communication Production ServicesFebruary 2013Email hatch_s@mit.edu Communication Production Services
  2. 2. ObjectivesAt the end of this session you will know: • the “why” of enterprise social networking • how to use Yammer beyond basic posting • how to adjust your notification settings • what is and is not appropriate Communication Production Services
  3. 3. Yammer• Over 1,400 MIT employees are using Yammer• Thousands of messages have been sent• Members have anywhere from 0 to 151 followers• Groups have tens to hundreds of members Communication Production Services
  4. 4. Benefits of using an enterprise social network• group problem • professional networking • individual solving professional growth • informal learning• more effective • reduce email teamwork confusion • training, teaching, and coaching• project • information is easier management to find • better work-life balance• change • keep employees management • a sense of belonging informed• onboarding • finding help • talent management • retention Communication Production Services
  5. 5. Yammer features • chat • mark up documents • discussions/brainstorming • alerts for new file versions • live document editing • polls • share files • praise • embed video • follow individuals, groups, files, and topics Communication Production Services
  6. 6. Reduce email confusion Email Yammer• Multiple messages in the • One discussion thread inbox • Work on one file together;• Sending several versions of highlight who is editing; files back and forth upload new versions• Listserve = forced to receive • Thoughts and discussions all or no emails to the group shown in the feed; no extra messages, only those who join are notified of followup• Find cross-dept job function messages lists by word of mouth • Can find and join job-function lists that apply to you Communication Production Services
  7. 7. Benefits above email Email Yammer• Being part of a listserve • Only those who join the forces everyone to receive conversation will be notified the same amount of of ongoing comments in messages each thread• It takes several steps to add • Join or leave a group with someone to a group, leave a one click group, etc. • It is clear whether Yammer• Not sure if you can join a list groups are private or public - is it a closed group/ invitation-only? • Membership list on the main group page so you• Membership list sometimes always know who sees hidden what you post Communication Production Services
  8. 8. Reducing the number of messagesBring customer service out in the open; reduceredundancies.Tag people to bring them into the conversation or justalert them of the discussion. Communication Production Services
  9. 9. Email overload Chris’s question to the group Terry answers it Pat gives another helpful tip Alex thinks: Casey thinks: Ugh! Stop replying to Thank goodness people are everyone! I don’t care about using reply-all! When I saw the answer to that question. Chris’s question, I was Just reply to Chris. curious to see the answers. Communication Production Services
  10. 10. Reduce overload and redundancies The big difference between Melinda social networking and email What do you think of the idea of presenting on X? Should I include Y and Z as part of the same is that discussion appears presentation? as one stream, not lots of John: I like the idea. Who would be your audience? individual messages. Robert: Have you considered leaving out Y When it gets long, they and addressing V instead? compress; a click will Melinda > Robert: That’s a great idea. I will expand the whole see if I can work that in. conversation. Terry: I’ve been wanting to learn about X. Definitely keep me in the loop. Sam > John: I can see communications staff being a great audience for that. I’d definitely tell my staff about it and encourage them to attend. v Expand (4 more comments) Communication Production Services
  11. 11. Group communication Groups can be: • public (to MIT, that is) • private (invitation-only and visible only to the members of that group) • secret (private and not listed) Communication Production Services
  12. 12. Department communication and unity Communication Production Services
  13. 13. Onboarding and finding help ‘Administrative Officers Group’ The new Administrative Officer in Writing and Humanistic Studies Science New Computer Foreign Physics Lang & Lit Science AO SA+P Mechanical Immediate support ACT Dean’s Office Engineering group, especially if he or she is the only Sloan Chemistry individual with that job Media Labfunction in their school/ Biology department. Communication Production Services
  14. 14. Benefits of groups over email lists • Find out easily who the admin is • All members of the group are listed • Request to join with one click; open groups allow users to add themselves with a click • Tabs: conversations, info, files, and notes Communication Production Services
  15. 15. Getting help when you don’t know who to askFor example (adapted from a real conversation): Harry Does anyone have experience with Adobe’s new cloud for creative suite products? Just wondering if this is the way to go instead of purchasing software that costs $$$$. Thanks. Veronica: I know just the person who might be able to help you. @Charlotte might have some opinions about it. I’m tagging her so she can reply. Charlotte: Thanks, Person Two! Yes, Person One, I think it will work just fine. We’ve never met, but feel free to call me at 8-1234. Communication Production Services
  16. 16. Seeking help and asking questions “What is the best app for taking notes in meetings?”Real (posted in the iPad users group)examplesfrom “I just moved from Tweetdeck to HootSuite. Does HootSuite have an automatic way of shrinking long URLs?”MIT’s (posted in the MIT Social Media group)network: “Time management question: how do you effectively prioritize work that cannot be delegated?” (posted in the Work-Life group) “Does anyone know how to get one of the CASE institutional memberships? I’d like to go to the conference.” (posted in the All Company group) “We get our invoices electronically... so we’re only turning them into paper temporarily, in order to provide a signature to accounts payable. Is there a solution coming that lets us do the whole process electronically?” (posted in the Office of the Vice President for Finance group) Communication Production Services
  17. 17. Offering help and expertise “[Company A] has a good selection of pricing for single event apps... [JaneReal Doe] is currently using one of their guides; you might contact her.”examples (posted in the Event Planners group in response to the question “...an event app could help move the program along, as they’ll be scattered across campus. Wherefrom do you recommend starting?”)MIT’snetwork: “We conducted usability testing on a responsive wireframe using mobile devices last week... Three things I learned were...” (posted in the Website Design/Development group) “Most readers react strongly - and not positively - to the use of all caps. Here’s some more data on why. [link]” (posted in the Communicators/Writers/Editors group) “Pasting into the wiki markup and then formatting in markup takes me less time.” (posted in the All Company group in response to the question “[Someone] mentioned today how difficult it is to export wiki material to any other format. Does anyone have any experience with this...?”) Communication Production Services
  18. 18. Keeping employees informed “Attachments for external requisitions are here! Check out this web page for more information.” “Thank you for supporting the 2013 [Summit]! We are pleased to announce that the videos from the summit are now available at [link].” “The MIT [program] celebration begins today... Please join us at 12:30 pm as we launch our 100th celebration.” “[Our] offices will be closed this Thursday 12/13, from 2:30 pm to the close of the business day” Communication Production Services
  19. 19. Onboarding As employees join Yammer, leaders in different areas with similar job functions can help them join groups that will be useful for training, networking, and professional development. Jane Doe just joined the MIT network. Peter: Welcome, Jane! Ian: Hi Person Five, I noticed you work on publications for your department. You might want to join the Communicators/ Writers/Editors group. Communication Production Services
  20. 20. Individual professional growth“Hi All, I received this email today and it looks like it might be aninteresting group for anyone doing instructional design. Here isthe website link.”“Interested in moving from linear to non-linear elearning? NiceTom Kuhlmann article...” Communication Production Services
  21. 21. Find information easily • Tags: you can tag posts with keywords to easily find all messages on a certain topic later. • Search: search for tags, groups, files, notes, and even words within messages. Communication Production Services
  22. 22. Feeling more job satisfaction and support A forum where you can talk about your current projects and developments - something employees rarely do via email. Roger: Here we go.....Getting ready for the onslaught of the 450+ MIT student groups I work with. Nancy: Good luck! Communication Production Services
  23. 23. Collaboration and discussion GeorgeExample I say “blended learning” or “blended training” and you say...? Whatadapted from an comes to mind? What definition of it? I’ll share a quick summary after I hear from folks.actual Ashley: I think good things, like getting different approachesdiscussion on and teaching styles for a group with mixed learning styles.the MIT network: Mark: You say blended learning or blended training, but in my mind, shouldn’t have one without the other Layla: ‘Blended learning’ as a phrase has neither positive nor negative connotations for me yet. As with other kinds of training, it has everything to do with the specifics of how well its designed and used. Zoe: Implicit (to me) is flexibility. Samuel: I wonder, if you signed up for a program that used classroom and other methods (blended), would you expect something different from it? v Expand (27 more comments) Communication Production Services
  24. 24. Video• Share educational videos from YouTube.• The embedded video plays right in the Yammer feed. Communication Production Services
  25. 25. File sharing• Upload any file to a group• People can choose to download the file straight fromYammer• Less need for attaching files to emails• Individuals can “follow” files; they will be notified when newversions replace older versions• You can use highlighter, pen, and text tools to mark up adocument. Communication Production Services
  26. 26. Notes• Many individuals cancontribute to thedocument over time.• Live group editing ispossible; each person’sadditions are highlightedin a different color as theyadd content.• Text can be hyperlinked. Communication Production Services
  27. 27. Words of adviceBe proactive. You determine how successful your group ison Yammer. Don’t expect to see collaboration if you aren’tcollaborating yourself.– Participate in related conversations.– Follow.– Like, comment, mention, connect, praise.– Use tags. Communication Production Services
  28. 28. Words of adviceUse Yammer to monitor.- Listen to what people are saying.- Watch what types of groups form.- Be aware of issues, problems, and attitudes. Communication Production Services
  29. 29. Words of adviceBe consistent.- Provide information.- Encourage collaboration.- Reply to all messages and comment on others’ posts. Communication Production Services
  30. 30. Contact• Email: hatch_s@mit.edu• Read the blog! connect.mit.edu/blog: connect.mit.edu/blog/37-ways-mit-uses-yammer/ and connect.mit.edu/blog/yammer/ Communication Production Services