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Emerging Social Networks


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When Instagram launched in 2010, it was considered an emerging social media platform. At the time, Facebook had been available to the public for four years, but Instagram is now growing at a much faster rate than Facebook (23% to Facebook’s 3%) and gets much more engagement. Although MIT’s Facebook page has 200 times more followers than its Instagram account, the two accounts have similar amounts of user likes and comments per post. Join us to learn which platforms are considered the emerging social networks now and how they function.

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Emerging Social Networks

  1. 1. Emerging Social Networks Stephanie Hatch Leishman Social Media Strategist ! February 2015 Twitter @hatchsteph
  2. 2. Twitter @hatchsteph Reactions to innovations “George Washington thought the first demonstration of John Fitch’s steamboat of too little significance to justify his presence; President Ulysses S. Grant thought the telephone was ‘very remarkable’ but wondered ‘who in the world would ever want to use one of them.’” ! – Howard Pew, address to the Congress of American History (1939)
  3. 3. Twitter @hatchsteph Q: Should my department join these new networks right now? A: Probably not.
  4. 4. Twitter @hatchsteph Q: Then why should I be learning about them? A: ! 1. Emerging networks’ behaviors and features influence changes in existing networks. ! e.g., Vine launched (Jun 2012) Instagram introduces video (Jun 2013) Twitter introduces video (Jan 2015)
 Also, Foursquare (launched 2009) influenced the trend of geo-tagging 
 photos and social check-ins.
  5. 5. Twitter @hatchsteph Q: Then why should I be learning about them? A: ! 2. Some emerging networks are acquired by older, larger networks (usually for lots of money). ! e.g., Facebook acquired Instagram (Apr 2012) Twitter acquired Vine (Oct 2012)
 Facebook acquired Whatsapp (Feb 2014)
  6. 6. Twitter @hatchsteph Q: Then why should I be learning about them? A: ! 3. Some emerging networks will become older, larger networks. ! e.g., Instagram, Tumblr
  7. 7. Twitter @hatchsteph Emerging networks call attention to various characteristics: Permanence vs. ephemerality ! Medium, multimedia, merging media ! Real name, pseudonymity, anonymity ! Private messaging vs. public profiles
  8. 8. Twitter @hatchsteph Permanence vs. ephemerality
  9. 9. Twitter @hatchsteph Private vs. public profiles
  10. 10. Twitter @hatchsteph Medium, multimedia, merging media Multimedia: Various media formats are supported ! Merging media: I use this phrase to describe the convergence of various media in one space (e.g., writing/typing words on top of a photo or embedding an animated gif within a drawing) Dark blue: original features / Medium blue: later features e.g., Flickr originally supported only photos, later allowed video
  11. 11. Twitter @hatchsteph Real name, pseudonymity, anonymity
  12. 12. Twitter @hatchsteph Stages Established – several million active users, highly visible ! Familiar – gaining popularity; may be highly visible, but not yet widespread ! Emerging – launched within the last 1.5 years; too soon to determine failure or success ! ! !
  13. 13. Established Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder
  14. 14. Twitter @hatchsteph Whatsapp (launched Nov 2009) Feb 2014: Acquired by Facebook ! Oct 2014: Most popular messaging app (globally) ! >600 million active users
  15. 15. Twitter @hatchsteph Instagram (launched Oct 2010) Apr 2012: >100 million active users Acquired by Facebook for $1B ! 2013: Native video Insta grew 23%, FB grew 3% ! Aug 2014: Hyperlapse ! Dec 2014: >300 million active users
  16. 16. Twitter @hatchsteph Snapchat (launched Jul 2011) May 2012: 25 images/sec ! Nov 2012: Android release ! Feb 2013: 60 million messages daily ! May 2014: 700 million photos + videos per day
  17. 17. Twitter @hatchsteph Tinder (launched Aug 2012) June 2014: Moments (ephemeral photos) ! Oct 2014: 10 million active daily users
  18. 18. Twitter @hatchsteph Tinder (launched Aug 2012)
  19. 19. Familiar and emerging Newhive, Kleek, VSCO, Shots, Medium, Yikyak, Secret, Yo, Ello, Space Tag
  20. 20. Twitter @hatchsteph Newhive (launched May 2012) Great example of merged media
  21. 21. Twitter @hatchsteph Newhive D-MWhy We Came UnCollege The Road Polyptych
  22. 22. Twitter @hatchsteph Newhive “NewHive is making the web weird again.” ! – Casey Newton, (Feb 2014)
  23. 23. Twitter @hatchsteph Newhive “NewHive wants to pioneer what co-founder Zach Verdin calls ‘slow social media’. He describes it as ‘Creating something meaningful that takes more time and thought than just sharing an image. It has more emotional impact on the people creating it and the people consuming it.’” ! – Josh Constine, TechCrunch (Jan 2013)
  24. 24. Twitter @hatchsteph Kleek (launched 2012) “Kleek isn't its own social network. Rather, it connects to Facebook to allow you to limit the statuses and other data to just the people you care most about. You can use Kleek to make sure only your close friends see your statuses.”
  25. 25. Twitter @hatchsteph #vscocam The concept of an emerging social network within a social media platform
  26. 26. Twitter @hatchsteph #vscocam “Once upon a time, Instagram was a vibrant community of mobile photographers taking consistently great photos.[…] Years later, all of your friends and maybe even your parents use Instagram, which means it’s filled with photos of not-so-pretty things. ! “However, one corner of Instagram remains a sanctuary of excellent mobile photos. There are more than 4 million of them, and they’re all tagged #vscocam.” ! – Ellis Hamburger, (Aug 2013)
  27. 27. Twitter @hatchsteph VSCO: Visual Supply Co. “Kicking it old school in everything from business philosophy to products that make digital photos look like film.” ! – Lydia Dishman, Fast Company (Aug 2013)
  28. 28. Twitter @hatchsteph VSCO Cam (launched Apr 2012) Apr 2012: VSCO Cam (app) for iOS; over 1 million downloads in the first week ! Jun 2013: VSCO Grid ! Aug 2014: VSCO Journal
  29. 29. Twitter @hatchsteph VSCO Cam “On Instagram, conversely, photos are compressed and frequently oversaturated, making the news feed quick to load and the photos flashy, but removing some of the photo’s original detail and character.” ! – Ellis Hamburger, (Aug 2013)
  30. 30. Twitter @hatchsteph VSCO - grid and journal
  31. 31. Twitter @hatchsteph Shots (launched Nov 2013) Apr 2014: 1 million users; 75% are females under 24 ! Oct 2014: 3 million users; 41% are daily users
  32. 32. Twitter @hatchsteph Medium (launched Oct 2013)
  33. 33. Twitter @hatchsteph Medium
  34. 34. Twitter @hatchsteph Yikyak (launched Nov 2013) May 2013: 9th most downloaded social media app in the U.S.
  35. 35. Twitter @hatchsteph Yikyak
  36. 36. Twitter @hatchsteph Yikyak “…racist, sexist, and homophobic comments posted on Yik Yak have led to student protests on some campuses, and attempts by administrators to block access to the site on others.” ! – Sean Decatur, (Oct 2014)
  37. 37. Twitter @hatchsteph Yikyak “The tool is not the issue. It's the stuff that resides inside of the minds of those who are posting threats and/or racist/sexist/homophobic yaks. […] And, how does higher education change the world? Not by banning or blocking, but by teaching and educating. Let's keep Yik Yak around and see how our communities unite to fight hate speech.” ! – Eric Stoller, (Jan 2015)
  38. 38. Twitter @hatchsteph Yikyak “Now Colgate professors are attempting to come together to take back Yik Yak by flooding the app with pleasant, encouraging messages. ! “One professor wrote: ‘Thanks to the students at Colgate for making my job fun. I’m sorry I can’t always return the favor, but you know I love ya.’” ! – Esther Finch, (Dec 2014)
  39. 39. Twitter @hatchsteph Secret (launched Jan 2014)
  40. 40. Twitter @hatchsteph Secret “The magic of Secret was created by applying anonymity to your network. This combination creates genuine conversations that you wouldn’t have anywhere else online…” ! – Secret, (Jun 2014)
  41. 41. Twitter @hatchsteph Yo (launched Apr 2014) Created by Or Arbel in 8 hours ! Jun 2014: #1 social netw. app in iOS App Store ! Jul 2014: Valued at $5-10 million ! Sep 2014: 1 million messages have been sent !
  42. 42. Twitter @hatchsteph Yo “The entire premise of the app is to send other users a single word: Yo. ! “Yo currently has over 50,000 active users, after launching as a joke on April Fools’ Day. […] Snapchat has ephemerality. Whisper and Secret have anonymity. ! “And Yo has context.” ! – Jordan Crook, TechCrunch (Jun 2014)
  43. 43. Twitter @hatchsteph Yo “When you tap on that name (presumably to open the message and see the ‘yo’ contents), you just send a Yo back. ! “In that way, Yo is much more representative of a Yo-yo. (You can actually send a Yo-yo on Yo by tapping a name twice.) The Yo’s [sic] go back and forth.” ! – Jordan Crook, TechCrunch (Jun 2014)
  44. 44. Twitter @hatchsteph Ello (launched Jul 2014)
  45. 45. Twitter @hatchsteph Ello “The site is appealing to the end-user (and seems like a breath of fresh air when compared the noise on Facebook).” ! – FleishmanHillard, True (Winter 2014)
  46. 46. Twitter @hatchsteph Ello Stephanie Leishman Dave Whyte Ana Areias
  47. 47. Twitter @hatchsteph Space Tag (launched Dec 2014) “It’s kind of like graffiti minus the vandalism. With Space Tag, users can snap a photo and add a note to create a post; they can then share it on social networks, or simply leave it on Space Tag universe for others to stumble upon when they visit the same location. ! – Abhimanyu Ghoshal, TheNextWeb (Dec 2014)
  48. 48. Twitter @hatchsteph Summary: Why learn about these networks? 1. Emerging networks’ behaviors and features influence changes in existing networks. ! 2. Some emerging networks are acquired by older, larger networks. ! 3. Some emerging networks will become older, larger networks.
  49. 49. Stephanie Hatch Leishman Twitter: @hatchsteph! Special thanks to Jeff Rushton and Tiegan Hatch