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Boston HUG February 2016


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How to improve your writing, get your employees to tweet, and other interesting notes.

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Boston HUG February 2016

  1. 1. Boston HubSpot User Group (HUG) Feb 2016 discussion notes:
  2. 2. Inbound marketing content strategy Triggers > goals > problems > solutions 1 Identify triggers that cause action 2 Understand the goals that address each trigger 3 Quantify problems defined by goals 4 Provide best practice solutions that address each problem and differentiate the company By Dave Orecchio 1
  3. 3. “Your manager asks you: 
 ‘Why are we spending so much money on content?’” – Dave Orecchio 2
  4. 4. Create nurturing emails “Objection handling” The prospective customer is now in the consideration stage and starts to push back (e.g., on why a product costs as much as it does). You need to send emails at this stage to validate your value proposition. 3
  5. 5. "If you don't produce enough content, you don't have enough surface area on the digital world." – Dave Orecchio 4
  6. 6. Group discussion Q: How can I get better at writing? 1 Use a subject matter expert 2 Interview a client or an expert 3 Ask your customers what is important to them, then write about it 4 Write the title before you write the post
  7. 7. Group discussion Q: How can I make content more meaningful? Have personal conversations with your clients. Your content needs to resonate with the customer. Get more honest answers by scheduling a 30-minute conversation face to face.
  8. 8. Group discussion Q: How can I get employees to post? 1 Use clicktotweet 2 Engage on Yammer 3 Create a landing page with shareable content specifically for employees 4 Make it as easy as possible
  9. 9. [btw] Don’t forget to join the LinkedIn group.
  10. 10. read more on the apiarity blog. contact: twitter @hatchsteph