New incubator brochure - oct 2012 - ver 2


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New incubator brochure - oct 2012 - ver 2

  1. 1. Mentoring, funding, incubation and resources for high-potential startupsThe Hatch IncubatorProgram helpsstartups start up52-week On-campus Incubator Program includes comfortable working spaces at our25,000 square feet facility in Chandigarh + deep-engaged mentoring + assistance infund raising + assistance in product/concept development.The 52-week program incudes the 13-week Accelerator Program.Startups also have the option of joining the Virtual Incubator Program
  2. 2. Mentoring, funding, incubation and resources for high-potential startupsWhy join The HatchIncubator Program? Here’s what you get from the program •  All benefits of the Hatch Accelerator Program – 13 – week program o  A fine-tuned launch strategy and business plan ready for funding o  Funding of up to Rs.10 lacs * + Access to investors for funding up to Rs.1 cr. o  Access to The Hatch partnerships across US, Canada, Singapore and Dubai o  PR & media outreach support PLUS for an additional 39 weeks (9 months) •  Comfortable working space with the relevant infrastructure for running a startup – the flexible and grow-as-you-grow options Click here for pictures •  Shared services and shared resources like accounting, legal, HR, etc. •  Regular access to visiting mentors, experienced entrepreneurs, senior professionals and investors •  On-campus programs, workshops & lectures Startups can also enroll for our Virtual Incubator Program wherein they can operatefrom their own cities and offices after spending a week at our Chandigarh or Gurgaonfacility for a review and strategy session.To apply, write to us at or visit
  3. 3. Mentoring, funding, incubation and resources for high-potential startups Who should apply?The Hatch Incubator Program is ideal for concept and/or prototype stage startups that needassistance in creating a good business plan and business case as well as early-stagestartups.Model of engagementAs part of the Startup Incubator Program, a member of The Hatch team and/or a member of thementor panel will engage with the startup during the period of engagement. The mentor mayjoin the advisory board / board of the shortlisted startup in his/her individual capacity.The goal is to help high-potential startups with the planning and operational insights of moreexperienced entrepreneurs and mentors.While The Hatch is a not-for-profit organization, it has to be a self-sustaining entity. Hence TheHatch takes 7% equity in the startup. The Hatch shares this equity with the anchor mentor.During the program, The Hatch may invest up to Rs.10 lacs in the startup, and also showcase itto angel investors and our investment partners, for funding up to Rs.1 crore. The startup ishowever free to access capital through other sources or other angel groups too, if they are ableto get a higher valuation.Process•  The selection committee of The Hatch will review proposals and shortlist startups for the Incubator Program•  The Hatch will then nominate a mentor to work with the startup•  Once activated, the startup will be featured as a portfolio company of The Hatch•  The Hatch secretariat will do a monthly follow-up with the mentor and the startup and provide assistance wherever appropriate, possible and necessary
  4. 4. Mentoring, funding, incubation and resources for high-potential startupsTo apply for The Hatch Incubator Program, visit