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Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. Those Honored Dead-Marion G. MahoneyMemorial Day 2013
  2. 2. “Why do you fly the flag today?”My grandson wants to know
  3. 3. I fly it for the graveyardsWhere the countless crosses grow
  4. 4. I fly the flag for childrenWhose fathers are a name
  5. 5. A half-remembered memoryOf a face within a frame
  6. 6. I fly it for the familiesOf sons and daughters lost
  7. 7. They know the price of libertyHow terrible the cost
  8. 8. I fly the flag for veteransWho lost their youth in blood
  9. 9. And saw their comrades slaughteredIn the carnage and the mud
  10. 10. I fly it for those who marchedIn cadence off to war
  11. 11. To close their eyes foreverUpon some foreign shore
  12. 12. I fly the flag for grief poured outUpon a granite wall
  13. 13. The laying-on of hands that healsThe scars within us all
  14. 14. I fly it for the sound of TapsThat melancholy tune
  15. 15. That lays to rest those honored deadWho always die too soon.