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P.d hassan


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personality development by hassan usmani lucknow

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P.d hassan

  1. 1.  Name : Hassan Alam Usmani Batch: B 3 (55) Assessor’s name: Ms. Tanu Bhargava Unit Title: Self Development Course Title: Frankfinn Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service
  2. 2.  Any attempt at any level cannot be satisfactorily completed without the support and guidance of learned people. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Ms. Tanu Bhargava for her constant support and motivation that has encouraged me to come up with the assignment. I am also thankful to all my classmates for their whole hearted support. My specially thanks to Frankfinn Institute and Ms. Shalini Chandra(Head of the Lucknow centre) to giving me a great opportunity for developing my Personality.
  3. 3.  Personality is sum total of all Physical, Mental, Emotional Attitudes, Values, Interests and Motivational Factor. Personality is the sum total of our outer personality and inner qualities. In my opinion, personality is an outward exposition of the inner man.
  4. 4.  The EXTROVERT  The INTROVERT Extrovert personality is  Introvert personality is bold, daring, fun loving reserved, shy and and always responding to with communicating first. some persuasion. Before joining of  And now I am a Frankfinn a was a extrovert person. introvert person.
  5. 5.  A technique that enables a group or individual to move from everyday problems and traditional strategies to a fresh perspective. SWOT is an acronym for: : S – Strengths W – Weaknesses O – Opportunities T – Threats
  6. 6.  Strength- My strength is that I am always communicate first, friendly behavior, decent smile, empathic, helping nature and positive attitude etc. Weaknesses- Less Confidence, Body Language English and Communication. Opportunities -Ground Staff, Customer Care Help Line Hospitality:- Hotels, Restaurants and Café Shops Travels and Tourism :- Travel Guide, Tour Executive Threats - High Competition Recession Experience People are in the Race.
  7. 7.  Perception is an intellectual process where an individual organizes and interprets his sensory impression to give meaning to the environment.A perceptive person is informed, appraised, aware, sharp and observed.• Perception works in different ways for different people, for example, a common man’s perception of robbers on a lonely road may be to surrender but for Rajnikant will have totally different perception.• Perception use all the five senses of Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell to create images and produce a behaviour.
  8. 8.  I think Amresh Puri is the best example because he mostly played negative roles of his professional life but in personal life he was a posetive man.
  9. 9.  The ability to … ‘‘ Understand the needs and feeling of oneself and other people.’’ Manage one’s own feeling. Respond to others in appropriate way.Emotional intelligence can be categorized into five major areas. 1 –Self –Awareness 2-Managing Emotions 3-Self-Motivation 4-Empathy 4-Handling and Building Relationships
  10. 10.  Everybody has the same amount of Time and No one in this world has more time than anyone else. Time Management is important for us .Person who has to managed the time surely he gets success earlier than any one else.Time Management cover almost all areas of our life, some examples are:1-CHILDREN use Time Tables in school2-EXECUTIVES use Diaries and planners.3-HOUSEWIVES use simple Calendar to manage their time.Successful people know the value of time and hence, use time wisely to produce excellent result in all areas of their lives.
  11. 11. These are the Time And how We over come wasters them by Talking too long on the phone  Schedule phone calls with end times when possible Too frequently browsing social media sites  Set a time limit for non-task-related Internet browsing Incessantly preparing and not  Make a short daily to-do list and say taking action no to tasks not on that list  Failing to say no to unrelated  Set deadlines and alarms for you to tasks complete tasks Failing to ask for help or follow  Close your Internet browser or directions unrelated windows to avoid Waiting until late in the day to distraction do tasks  Set your Chat status to “Busy” or go offline  Focusing on smaller, less  Place your phone on “Do Not important tasks Disturb
  12. 12.  The Johari Window developed by Joseph and Harry. Johari window is method or tool to describe one’s personality. Johari window helps us to know our self.The four types of self in the johari window format Open self personality . blind self personality . hidden self personality . unknown self personality .
  13. 13. Blind self personality-when others knows more about a person than the person, such a state is called the BLIND SELF personality.Hidden self personality-when a person ‘knows’ but is unwilling to share due to shyness ,uncertainty or a lack of confidence, such a personality is called the HIDDEN SELF personality.Unknown self personality-Neither the person or oters know the personality is called UNKNOWN SELF personality.
  14. 14.  Ego states are unrelated to chronological age. Each human being are several human beings , existing at the same time depending upon how the person is behaving at any moment. We operate from three ego states. Parent Adult Child
  15. 15. Leadership quality of famous personality Dr.A.P.JAbdul kalamDr. Kalam wasthe president of India. Hewas the leader of nation so he has many quality of leadership.
  16. 16. He isGoal setterGood Organize rand plannerDecision makerIntegrity andHonestIntelligent
  17. 17. EmotionalstabilityEmpathetichuman relationand people skillCommunicationskillSocial skill,For these qualitiesI found him aleader.
  18. 18.  Barriers or blocks to successful communication are like iceberg in the path of a ship sailing in an ocean.There are three major blocks to communication.Personal –personal barriers include moods, communicating with non-decision makers, differing IQs and EQs.Physical -Physical barriers include faulty equipment, doors, partitions and all physical blocks to communicating.Semantic –semantic barriers are language barriers.
  19. 19. . Barriers That I faced Semantic Barrier:- When we went to BACHPAN DAY CARE CENTRE, it was the most difficult task for us to communicate with them. We didn’t know how to communicate with mental’s because they cant understand and speak and we didnt know their language.How I Removed Semantic Barrier:- It was difficult to communicate with Mental child, but we did. We learnt their basic signs there feelings with help of Director madam and their Teacher and we communicated.
  20. 20.  Respect to elders and parents- if we respect our elders and parents then we also take respect of ours youngers and elders. Value of time- understand the value of time because if it has gone it will never come back. Forget your past- forget your past and plan how to bright your future. These are the moral values which we adapted our parents it can help us to shining our future.