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Time management slide show


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by me hassan sayeh

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

Time management slide show

  1. 1. Time Management presentation Prepared by : Hassan Sayeh Hossam Radwan Ahmad Rabayaa Submitted to : Eng. Haya Sammana
  2. 2. Time Management What IS Time Management ? Why is it important? Time is money Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred Every Second Counts Most Effective Time management Tips Remember
  3. 3. What IS Time Management ? Its a process of organizing time commensurate with the Schedule of daily Life .
  4. 4. Time ManagementWhy is it important?Time is a Non Renewable ResourceOnce it is gone, it is gone.You will never see this moment again.
  5. 5. Time is money  Picture this:  Each day your bank deposits $86,400 in your checking account.  You have to spend it all in one day.  You can’t carry over any money to the next day.
  6. 6. Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred 24 hours per day X 60 minutes per hour X60 seconds per minute = 86,400 Seconds
  7. 7. Every Second Counts Spend every second in an efficient and productive way If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours.
  8. 8. Most Effective Time management Tips Do the Concentrate When tired Make it most on One , change easy to get important Thing activities started. thing first. Organize your to-do Be Learn To Say Look at the list every realistic “No.” big picture day.
  9. 9. Remember … Yesterday is History Tomorrow’s a Mystery But Today is a Gift That’s Why They Call it The Present So spend it in the right way!
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